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Summer 2020

September 23, 2020

As this unique summer comes to an end, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on our work and update our Portfolio with a sampling of recent projects. Even though our workspaces look different, we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to continue creating dynamic websites for clients new and established.

Below you’ll find our work grouped by industry. We’re proud of this diverse mix, and look forward to taking you deeper into the thought, planning, and strategy that went into each website.

Nonprofit Website Design

For many reasons, the nonprofit space is one of our favorites. In particular, we love highlighting each organization’s meaningful work and the great causes that they’re passionate about.

The best nonprofit websites appeal to a broad range of potential visitors – from board members to volunteers – and make it easy to learn about the organization, their work, and opportunities for involvement. If your nonprofit is preparing for a web design project, you can set the stage for a successful result with a strong nonprofit RPF. And if you want to see more of our nonprofit work, check out our blog post on recent nonprofit website launches.

Law Firm Website Design

In the legal category, we work with firms large and small to build polished websites that can accommodate plenty of content and resources.

One of the most important things in legal web design is striking the right balance between tradition and personal style. We help our firms stand out by incorporating modern features that show off unique character while remaining highly professional and consistent with client expectations.

B2B and B2C Website Design

Our B2B and B2C websites are strategically designed to maximize conversions and engage prospects. From a design perspective, we do this by utilizing detailed product or service pages, incorporating customer testimonials, and placing contact forms at key points throughout the site. We also work with each client to identify specific integrations and tools – think a curbside pickup program or an interactive map – that will boost their business and give them an edge over competitors.

Economic Development Website Design

Although they fall into their own specific category, economic development websites are not all that different from the other work that we do. In fact, they actually bring together elements of storytelling, resource curation, and promotion that we see across all of our verticals. The only difference: ED websites are selling site visitors on a place instead of a product, cause, or service.

Strong ED websites offer a comprehensive look at the region, core industries, lifestyle considerations, and job opportunities. We make this happen by adding in dynamic elements like videos, interactive maps, eye catching graphics, and more.

Political Campaign Website Design

We got our start in the political niche over a decade ago, so we’re always excited to work with inspiring candidates whenever election season comes around.

Great political campaign websites combine personalized design and intuitive navigation to highlight key initiatives and activate supporters. We work with each of our candidates to define clear goals and strategies that ensure that the finished website will support campaign needs throughout the election cycle.

Higher Education Website Design

Somewhat due to our close proximity to several prominent universities, we regularly create websites for programs, departments, and organizations at various educational institutions. On each site, we work hard to utilize higher ed best practices that will engage and inform stakeholders of all types.


As we inch closer to 2021, we’re looking forward to finishing out the year with exciting new projects and ongoing support for our clients who have launched, updated, and refined their existing platforms.

You can keep up with everything we’re doing on our blog, through social media, or by subscribing to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page. And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or comments!

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