Opioid Data Lab

An Opioid Research Website with an Illustration-Driven and Modern Theme

Operated out of UNC-Chapel Hill and the University of Kentucky in Lexington, the Opioid Data Lab is a dynamic organization that creates open source epidemiology tools based on in-depth pain management research. The lab’s studies are unique because, unlike other programs, all data and conclusions are available to the public. Lab notebooks, code, and licenses are published and shared online, making it easy for anyone to evaluate or build upon the Opioid Data Lab’s work.

When the organization decided that their website needed a refresh, they approached us for a creative nonprofit website design that would house their code and data while also organizing information about each study. The finished site accomplishes these goals within an eye catching, illustration-driven design.

Using Illustration to Bring Data to Life

Upon landing on the homepage, the website’s bold use of illustration immediately stands out to site visitors. To achieve this effect, we partnered with Brittain Peck, a local illustrator, to create custom graphics that could be used throughout the site. Peck’s visuals humanize the cause and tell the stories of study patients and their outcomes.

The rest of the site’s design is characterized by abundant whitespace, minimal layouts, and intuitive navigation. This clean, modern aesthetic works to balance the illustrations and ensure that the lab’s research remains at the forefront.

Content-Rich Interiors

From the homepage, site visitors are directed towards interior sections to learn more about the lab and its research.

Under Studies, visitors can access valuable information about individual projects. Each of these pages explains the how and why behind the initiative, presents relevant resources, and makes it easy for anyone – scientist or not – to explore and understand the important work that the lab is conducting. For those who are scientifically inclined, the study pages also link to detailed lab notebooks that unpack processes and findings.

The Code + Data section takes this a step further by bringing users to the lab’s page on GitHub. Here, visitors can comb through datasets and take a look at the code that powers many of the lab’s data tools.

A Powerful WordPress Base

Because we recognize that the organization’s work is constantly changing, we built the site on a flexible WordPress setup that can adapt and scale as needed. Within the content management system, administrators can easily add new content, update existing materials, and create fully custom layouts.

We look forward to supporting the Opioid Data Lab as they continue to grow their digital presence.