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2020 Web Design Trends

Here at NMC, we love to use the new year as an opportunity to reflect on the work we're most proud of and anticipate the design trends to come. By exploring trends as they emerge, we’re able to hone our skills and continue to deliver top notch designs to clients.  As we head into… Read the Post

Examples of Interactive Maps on Websites

Interactive maps are a great website asset to organizations with a large geographical reach.  A map of any type does a great job of showcasing the scope of a group’s work, their influence, and their success. Making those maps interactive adds another element of engagement and func… Read the Post

Three W’s of Nonprofit Website Design

For more than a decade, New Media Campaigns has been working on non-profit website designs that engage and inform each organization’s stakeholders, moving them up the ladder of engagement from casual visitors to fierce advocates. When creating these sites, it’s essential to expre… Read the Post

Spotlight 2019 Websites

Well, just like that, our thirteenth year of business is in the books!  It was a banner year for NMC, and we're incredibly proud of the projects we got to launch for our partners this year.  Projects ranged from international non-profits doing work across the world and gl… Read the Post

What to do to Get Ready for a Web Design Project

This is a companion piece to our previous post on How to Write a Great Website RFP. Here, we offer more tips on preparing for your web design project after your RFP has been distributed and you’re getting ready to begin the process! Approaching a web design project can be daunting. Th… Read the Post

Recent Work Examples In the Portfolio

Most who work for an agency or other professional services firm are familiar with the story that the cobbler's children go barefoot, as our own projects take a backseat in priority to client work.  We're no exception.  But recently, tired of using that phrase to peop… Read the Post

Trends in eCommerce Web Design: Detailed Product Pages

As online shopping continues to rise in popularity, retailers are taking big steps to streamline the shopping process, engage customers, and rank better in search engines. With the move towards eCommerce and the explosion of direct to consumer brands, it is essential that eCommerce sites wor… Read the Post

Our Campaign Websites

Updated 10/17/19 - This post was updated from the previous version to showcase more recent sites.  We hope you enjoy!  Feel free to read about the latest political web design trends, too. As many of you know, and as our name indicates, NMC has a long history of designing political… Read the Post