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Our Campaign Websites

Updated 10/17/19 - This post was updated from the previous version to showcase more recent sites.  We hope you enjoy!  Feel free to read about the latest political web design trends, too. As many of you know, and as our name indicates, NMC has a long history of designing political… Read the Post

2020 Political Web Design Trends

As the 2020 election season starts to heat up, campaigns continue to launch new sites and refine existing sites.  I think, historically, the 2008 Obama campaign website really represented a shift in the effort and quality of design that goes into campaign websites -- partly due to gener… Read the Post

How to Increase Traffic On a Non-Profit Website

As a non-profit, you have various goals that need to be accomplished through your website, including increasing awareness, establishing partnerships, and proactively engaging with volunteers. Regardless of what your organizational goals and objectives may be, they can all be furthered by att… Read the Post

GLWD is Webby Honoree For Best Non-Profit Website

NMC is proud to announce another award winning project -- God's Love We Deliver is a Webby Honoree for Best Non-Profit Website.  NMC worked with longtime partner Franklyn, a Brooklyn brand design studio, on the project.  Franklyn led GLWD through an extensive rebrand, digital redes… Read the Post

Non-Profit Website Design Examples and Best Practices

We’ve been lucky enough to work on hundreds of non-profit web design and development projects over the years – from small local charities to large international organizations. While each of these brands have presented their own unique challenges, we’ve noticed man… Read the Post

5 Ways We Utilize Libraries in Sketch

Several years ago, our team switched away from Photoshop to start using Sketch as our primary web design tool.  It has been a great transition for us.  We love the lightweight nature of the platform ability it has given us to work better, faster. One of the many cool features… Read the Post

A Designer's Guide to Animating Icons with CSS

As a designer, I love coming across fun animations when visiting a site, and I have definitely been seeing more and more of them lately. Animations take illustrations and icons to the next level, making a site that much more engaging.  While they are obviously attractive to lo… Read the Post

What Is a Mood Board and Its Role In Our Web Design Process

Web design and the process it follows is always evolving.  Remember when you didn't need to worry about how things would look on every size of device ranging from a handheld phone to a monitor with the resolution of a TV?!  As standards and user patterns change, it's good to adjust… Read the Post