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Building a Custom Grants Database Search Tool

Non-profit websites, not unlike other industries, have a broad array of audiences they need to communicate with.  There are donors interested in how their dollars are being used, community members curious about the work being done in their neighborhood, internal staff and prospective em… Read the Post

A Recap of Thrive Conf '19

AIGA Raleigh did it again! Last week, creatives from across the country came together in Durham, NC for the second annual THRIVE Conference, a creative conference packed with 6 impressive speakers. This year there were also workshops that ranged from hand lettering techniques to bu… Read the Post

Spotlight 2018 Websites

Happy New Year! While we're busy getting started on our work and goals for 2019, we wanted to take some time to reflect on our work from 2018. This past year brought us many exciting opportunities, from full branding work to custom building digital tools to complete overhauls of la… Read the Post

Writing for the Web

Whether it's revisiting your 'about' page, sharing your organization's impact, or starting a blog, writing content can be one of the toughest parts of creating and updating a website. For those who have never written specifically for the web, it's tempting to sit down at your computer, … Read the Post

How to fix 404 redirects after a new site launches

Redirecting URLs from an old site to a new one is one of the most important (and often neglected) tasks when launching a new website. It's crucial to retain the search engine value that the old site has generated over the years and ensure visitors to the new site aren't regularly seeing… Read the Post

NMC is Looking for an Intern

We're looking for an intern to join our team! We really pride ourselves on providing a valuable, fun, and paid internship experience.  If you found this and don't know much about what it's like to work at NMC here are a few of the perks: We have a company lunch every Friday We're… Read the Post

Thoughts on the Apple Touch Bar in Sketch

I recently upgraded to a MacBook with Touch Bar and was instantly curious about how the touch bar would (or would not) change my designing experience and workflow. The touch bar is a row of controls that change functions depending on which app you have open, which allows for more customized… Read the Post

Choosing Great Images for Your Website

What’s one of the biggest hurdles we see clients struggle with after site launch? Updating the site with images that fit their shiny new online presence. And we get it. Our designers spend a lot of time searching for, creating, and placing the images used in our site mockups and for … Read the Post