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We've partnered with attorneys and law firms since 2006 to design, build, and scale custom digital brands.

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Modern Websites that Work for Law Firms and Attorneys

For over a decade, New Media Campaigns has designed and developed dynamic websites for law firms throughout the country. Whether your firm has one office or dozens, our team of experienced webmakers is prepared to work together to find a digital solution that achieves and exceeds your specific goals.

We know that goals can vary depending on a firm’s size, location, and practice areas, so we’ll custom design your new website through a process of ongoing collaboration with your team. We’ll apply our years of experience along with industry best practices to ensure that your site engages visitors and effectively captures your firm’s unique brand.  For more insight and examples, check out our guide on the best examples and features for law firm websites.

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Your Site Should Be a Client-Generating Tool

We understand that a website is no longer just a brochure on a screen. It’s the cornerstone of your marketing, advertising, and outreach efforts. So instead of simply informing visitors about your legal services, your website should build trust in your practice with thoughtful content, helpful tools, and a user-friendly design.

Each of our law firm websites is designed and developed with your firm’s needs in mind. Let’s work together to build a digital platform that will take your practice to the next level.

How Can We Help Your Firm?

We have been partnering with law firms since 2006 to help them design, build, and scale custom digital brands.

Upfront Strategy

Strong planning is essential to great results. We help reach your goals through discovery work, analytics research, UX design, information architecture planning, and more.

Branding & Design

Our award-winning designers will help you break through with purpose driven design aimed at exuding the essence of your brand and focused on converting visitors on your site.

Web Development

An in-house team of developers brings projects to life, whether best practices frontend development for Content Managed websites or custom developing digital tools and products.

Digital Marketing

Our strategists can help scale your web presence to achieve your goals through tactics like Search Engine Optimization, content creation, conversion strategy, ad buying, and more.

Law Firm Website Experience Makes a Difference

We’ve created award-winning work for boutique solo law firms and multi-state legal giants. And through these experiences, we’ve come to understand what firms of all sizes need in order to thrive online. We’ll help you to harness your firm’s momentum by implementing law firm web design best practices and unique tools that will set your site apart from the competition. We also know and prioritize ADA website accessibility best practices, and we'll work to incorporate them into your site and educate you on the strategies and tools that will keep your site accessible for years to come. 

  • Award Winning Design: Your website is an opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Make it memorable! Our custom law firm website designs highlight each firm’s specialties while developing authority, conveying expertise, and reflecting the personal touch of what each firm brings to the table. We’ll work with you to design a compelling platform that meets your specific needs and guides your firm towards future success.
  • Scalable CMS Technology: Each of our law firm websites is built on an intuitive Content Management System that allows administrators to add new material and update content as needed. We try to make this as easy as possible. Many of our law firm clients love the simplicity and familiarity of WordPress, but we’re also equipped to work on HiFi, Drupal, Craft, and other platforms. No matter which platform you choose, we’ll make sure that your site will be able to grow alongside your firm as it continues to evolve.
  • Boost Organic Traffic: Without even knowing it, most law firms are already doing the content marketing legwork that leads to great search engine optimization. We’ll help you to capitalize on your efforts (and attract new traffic!) by building in SEO features like related content, effective metadata, clean URLs, and Google Analytics performance tracking. Read about how we transformed one client’s site performance in our case study, Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms.
  • Comprehensive Practice Area Pages: We know you put your clients first, and so do we. Each of our law firm websites includes practice area “hubs” that bring together key information, related attorneys, relevant news, and representative experience. This makes it quick and easy for your clients to gather information about your firm and its service offerings. Some large firms even choose to create separate practice area microsites, which you can read more about on our blog
  • Inviting and Detailed Attorney Bio Pages: Your new site should not only introduce prospective clients to your firm, but also to the individual attorneys and staff members who handle cases on a day-to-day basis. Detailed bio pages are a great first step. We often use collapsable tabs, dropdown sections, and streamlined menus to pack in each attorney’s educational background, professional affiliations, and recent publications. Additionally, we can make each bio downloadable with a custom PDF generator.
  • Content Rich Resources: The best law firm websites anticipate visitors’ needs with an array of helpful online resources. Assets like up-to-date blog posts and specialized insights are particularly valuable because they can establish your authority while delivering useful answers. We know it can be daunting to develop a content marketing strategy from scratch, so we’re glad to consult on the best ways to reach your audience and maximize your content.

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