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And can build one for you, too. Since 2006, New Media Campaigns has designed, programmed, and launched more than 500 web sites and you can see 8 examples specifically of EconDev sites below. All that experience has provided our team of 13 full-time web makers with the valuable know-how to make a fast, easy-to-use and easy-to-update web site for your economic development commission or office.

Web Technology That Works for You

We use and recommend Drupal, Wordpress, and HiFi CMS. All three sophisticated web software platforms make your job managing content like blog posts, news items, press releases, and photo galleries much easier. For most ED sites, HiFi is our first choice but whichever system is right for your content needs, NMC will create a custom publishing workflow so your team can keep up with all the latest developments in your region.

What Your Site Will Include

Every economic development web site we make with HiFi includes the following features:

  • Integrate your social media feeds automatically, including Flickr, Facebook, and twitter
  • Upload photos and create galleries
  • Easily embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and other services
  • Maintain as many separate blogs as you need, such as news, press, or business and people profiles
  • Make your site optimized and responsive to any device size viewing context, whether desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Personalized training from one of our full-time, dedicated project managers

Our Approach

We’ll work with your office to develop the right content strategy, meaning we consider both frequency and type of content. The right custom integration will be easy enough for an intern to learn quickly and manage easily! Then, we’ll create an attractive, custom design that matches your city or regional brand guidelines. Finally, we’ll code the site so that it loads fast on any size device and includes easy-to-use content management software. Best of all, it won’t break your budget.

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Still Not Convinced?

Take a look at some of our favorite economic development web sites and learn the components that go into the most successful ones:

Modern Design

All the great information in the world doesn’t matter if visitors can’t find it. A modern design is based on the user’s needs, focused on the particular tasks and interests that visitors come to the site for. Moreover, it has good use of color, whitespace, and easy-to-read type so that the great experience of visiting the physical location starts from the moment someone explores the web site.

Work in the Triangle is a great example of this: large, high-resolution photos, clear navigation based on the most typical reasons for visiting (“Work”, “Play”, “Live”), and a people profiles section called “What’s Your Angle?” that features real people and what they love about the area. This people-centered approach, together with the home page’s social media feed, helps convey a warm, active, personal sense — essential for moving past the pitfall of numbers and data. Real people live here! No need to take our word for it; let them tell you in their own words.

Interactive Maps

Which area does a local EconDev serve? Sometimes, it’s individual towns or cities; others, it’s a county-wide area; still others, perhaps a group of counties. Helping citizens understand the boundaries — and directing them to their local commission — makes engaging all the more straightforward.

We’re proud of how the interactive map on the Research Triangle region’s  site provides a clear overview at the cluster level. Whether hovering the mouse over the name of the county at left or the map area at right, it’s easy to see at a glance. Interactive maps are a powerful online tool and should be easily customizable so that site administrators can use them as often as necessary.

Lifestyle & Recreation

Tourist dollars are the best dollars: guests visit your town, contribute to the tax base, then take off without requiring government services. All successful ED sites should dedicate some of their web sites to showing off the climate, leisure activities, and shopping and retail options is a sure way to attract tourists. The most successful economic development web sites include high-resolution, professional photos that demonstrate all the fun things to do while visiting.

The Brunswick County ED Commission has a “Lifestyle” section devoted to each of these as well as a detailed “Interest and Visitors Guide” to help visitors get the most from Myrtle Beach. Other smart strategies include restaurant reviews, local business spotlights, and photo galleries of nature trails.

Strategies & Government Policy

Economic Development departments work closely with city and regional government to create new jobs and grow the economy. Central to that effort is helping visitors navigate policies, initiatives, or strategies so they’re well informed about the business development environment.

The Emerald Cities Collaborative takes this approach to the next level. Their ‘About’ section outlines the Strategies, Initiatives, and Services the organization offers in clear detail.

Up-to-Date Calendars

Democracy is messy. Soliciting the feedback and opinions of a broad diversity of people in order to find consensus means lots of meetings. It’s essential that an ED’s site has a current, up-to-date calendar that lists community meetings, public hearings, and milestones such as when architectural drawings are due. The ED site for the city of Pepper Pike, OH, does a great job making sure anybody who wants to get involved knows how.

Attracting Business Relocation

Another central focus of developing the local economy is to both encourage and make it easy for businesses to relocate to the area, not only increasing the tax base but also creating jobs. North Carolina’s Sampson County ED Commission web site includes available sites for relocation, incentives for businesses, information on taxes and utilities, as well as statistics on the local labor force’s education.

Guide to Starting a Business

In addition to helping businesses move to your area, it’s essential to provide clear information on the process of starting a new business. A potential new business has to consider factors like location & zoning, licensing, insurance, as well as the particular case of working from home. NMC’s web site for the city of Apex, NC, lists these important considerations and includes information on hazard mitigation, historical districts, and an FAQ section. All necessary components for a successful ED site.

Job Openings

Of course, once businesses are established and growing, economic development agencies committed to employment will maintain current lists of job opportunities in the area. These can be either at the town or government level or on maintained on behalf of local businesses. You’ll find a good example of the former on the Franklin County, NC web site: positions at all levels and skill requirements, including administrative assistants, finance personnel, waste treatment operators and EMT / paramedics. The easier it is to find open positions, the faster they can get filled.

Effective Design, Useful Technology, Friendly People

Economic development offices play a vital role in improving an area’s quality of life and increasing its tax base. With they have the right tools, their job becomes much easier and that’s where the right web site comes in. Your economic development web site deserves the NMC touch.

Beyond the effective, modern design and powerful content management software, we provide first-rate, dedicated support from our full-time project management staff and offer ongoing assistance in the form of retainer agreements so that we’re available whenever you need us to troubleshoot or add new features.

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