Recent Work in Our Portfolio

June 17, 2020

Over the past six months, we’ve been hard at work creating awesome new websites for our diverse group of clients. We recently took the chance to update our Portfolio with some of our latest and greatest projects across industries.

Many of these sites launched within the past couple of months, and others are updates on work we’ve done over the past few years. Regardless, we’re proud of each one and look forward to sharing them all with you below. 

Nonprofit Website Design Updates

Nonprofit organizations have always held a special place in our hearts and work. In fact, they’re one of our favorite verticals to work in. We love how their positive energy inspires sites that are dynamic, compelling, and unique to each organization’s mission.

When crafting an effective nonprofit site, we pay close attention to cultivating a strong digital presence, building a platform that will appeal to a wide variety of stakeholders, and incorporating strategic integrations and calls-to-action. In the write-ups below, you’ll see how these nonprofit website design best practices are carried throughout our work.

Featured Law Firm Website Design Examples

NMC also devotes a significant amount of time to law firm websites. We love the variety of the legal space! Some firms lean more traditional, and others are attracted to modern features that set their sites apart.

Law firm websites often include a lot of resources and content, so we help our clients to create experiences that are inviting and easy-to-navigate. We do this by building comprehensive practice area pages, incorporating plenty of related content, and adding in helpful features like a custom PDF generator. You’ll see these and other intuitive design elements in the examples below.

Recent B2B and B2C Website Design Projects

Building on our work in the law firm niche, we also develop B2B and B2C websites that similarly cater to client needs. Each one of these projects is unique, so we really enjoy taking the time to learn about different industries and how they connect with their customers.

Our B2B and B2C sites are designed to engage visitors with robust product/service pages, thoughtful testimonials, and creative visual communication. Additionally, these sites integrate with each client’s existing marketing tools and drive conversion with attractive online forms.

Economic Development Website Design Highlights

Economic development sites fit naturally with the rest of our work. They spin a narrative like a nonprofit, promote opportunities like a business, and offer helpful resources like the most successful law firm sites.

In the examples below, you’ll find two recent EconDev projects that show a range of our work within the ED niche. One is for a development destination in North Carolina and the other is for a growing county outside of Washington, D.C. Both sites utilize strong imagery, modern design, and dynamic site features to attract new traffic and communicate what each area has to offer.

Higher Education Website Design Projects

For years, we’ve partnered with universities to build anything from a full scale college site to a digital platform for an individual department. Higher education projects are unique because they must appeal to a varied audience with many different conversion points – think groups as divergent as students, parents, educators, and donors.

Below are two examples of our recent higher ed projects. The first is for the dental practice run by the UNC School of Dentistry, and the second is a site for the business school at NC State University. Both sites had to be flexible, scalable, and consistent with each school’s recognizable brand.

We launched a similar business school website design earlier this year for UNC Kenan Flagler, so we were prepared particularly well to take on the project for NC State!

Looking Ahead

Although these exciting projects are behind us now, we continue to support our clients by monitoring site performance, refining search engine optimization strategies, and providing ongoing assistance whenever updates are needed.

So what’s next? Well, we’re thrilled to share that we continue to build momentum in our work with clients throughout the country. We’re constantly innovating, iterating, and doing our best to exceed expectations in each project we take on.

We’ve got a lot of cool things in the works, and we’re looking forward to updating our portfolio when those projects come to fruition!


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