MEI Rigging & Crating

Showcasing a Rigging Company Dedicated to Safety and Quality

Since its founding almost 30 years ago, MEI Rigging & Crating has built a successful business in packing, transporting, and storing industrial equipment. Driven by commitments to high quality service and safety, the company is proud to have served thousands of customers in industries ranging from healthcare to aerospace.  

Recently, MEI encountered a burst of growth and the site lagged behind this dynamism, falling out of step with the company’s sophistication and scaled presence across the country. These changes prompted MEI to charge our team with the goal of creating a custom b2b website design that would communicate their professionalism, highlight their diverse experience, detail past success stories, and clearly lay out the services that they provide for customers. The resulting site accomplishes these goals with a modern design that highlights the company’s experience and success while underscoring the MEI difference. 

An Engaging Design

Starting on the homepage, the design emphasizes MEI’s experience with dedicated blocks for customer testimonials and an overview of the company’s values. The homepage additionally features a simple form to request a quote, a map graphic that points out MEI’s locations across the country, and animated icons that draw attention to three main service areas. Design elements like gentle gradients, background textures, and subtle watermarks appear on the homepage and are carried throughout the site. 

Interior pages prioritize user experience by utilizing a straightforward navigational structure and connected content. Under the Services menu, site visitors are encouraged to dig deeper into each offering by exploring narrower specialty areas like Rigging & Machinery Moving. Each of these pages guides visitors towards related recent projects, content about specific elements of each service, and the opportunity to request a quote. The connected content not only increases the site’s potential for SEO, but makes it easy for visitors to gather information as they look into what MEI has to offer. 

The rest of the site continues to present clear information interspersed with helpful features. Project profiles include neat boxes that lay out key facts, and comprehensive location pages serve as hubs that anticipate location-related questions and needs. As a whole, the site combines utility, user-friendliness, and a clean appearance for a product that positions MEI for success in its field.

Focus on B2B Lead Generation

MEI prioritizes lead generation by integrating contact forms not only on the homepage, but throughout the site. Most often, the form appears as an eye catching blue box that encourages visitors to request a free, no-obligation quote. By filling in just a few fields, visitors are one step closer to doing business with MEI. 

The quote request button and form are displayed prominently on many of the site’s Services pages and custom landing pages. From here, visitors can naturally transition from reading about an MEI service to applying the information to their own rigging and crating needs. The constant presence of the option to request a quote has helped MEI to increase their conversion rate and generate new leads. 

Future Focused

We built the site on an adaptable WordPress base that will allow MEI to manage their content in-house and scale the site over time. Considering the company’s history of success, we’re so excited to watch MEI continue to grow their business with their new online presence.