B2B Web Design

Take your marketing to the next level

Your website should be a tool that helps your firm attract and win new business. Learn how NMC can position you to win online

Sophisticated Design

Users respect design that respects users: sites should be easy to use, load fast, and use cutting-edge technology

  • Modern Design: Professional companies need professional design. That means well-structured navigation, clearly outlined hierarchy, appropriate typography, generous whitespace, subtle animations, and full-width, high-resolution photos. Why make it hard for your visitors to use your site?
  • Simple to Update: Speaking of cutting-edge technology, New Media Campaigns has built dozens of sites each using several content management systems, including WordPress, HiFi, Drupal, and Craft. No matter how complex your business’s site, we can implement software that makes it easy to manage.
  • Optimized for Search: Effective SEO calls for well-structured, lean, and semantic HTML coded by hand as well as ensuring that your site adheres to Google’s stringent web developer guidelines. We can also help write concise, compelling copy and migrate your existing copy from the old site.

Easily Managed

Your website should be as dynamic as your business. We give you the tools to manage and grow your online marketing

  • Show, Don't Tell: The key to successful B2B sites lies in case studies, testimonials, and thought leadership. Case studies demonstrate your efficacy while testimonials offer the viewpoint of a delighted customer. We represent thought leadership with frequent, releveant articles and whitepapers.
  • Services First: The foundation of your company's business is your client services: visitors are most interested in learning about how you can solve their problems. The best are crystal clear, written with wit and energy, well-differentiated using custom illustration and whose value proposition is obvious.
  • Real-time Updates: Producing great, high-quality content for your site is challenging, which is why so few do it well. Social media makes frequent content easier: if you're already writing about your industry using twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube or linkedin, we'll consult on how best to use it.

Conversion Focused

Successful websites are more than words & pictures, they have to capture, engage, and maintain interest 

  • Easy Forms: Online forms are the principal means of capturing the information of qualified leads. NMC's drag-and-drop form builders makes it easy to generate an email, store a record in the database, and hook into your existing CRM or customer pipeline so you'll never miss a lead.
  • Sales Funnels: Do you know which pages your visitors have gone to when they email you? Or from which page they used the contact form? Effective, professional B2B sites offer additional insight into the particular pathway leads followed right in the email itself that the form generates.
  • Works with Your Tools: A successful B2B website doesn't exist in isolation: it must integrate tightly with the tools your business already uses. NMC will tie the marketing automation and email newsletter software that you depend on automatically into the site so your team doesn't have to learn anything new.

Some of Our Work

A small sample of websites we've built for our clients.

Site Features

Forms + Mailing Lists

Gather information on your visitors from custom forms mailing list sign-ups

Custom Design

Capture the essence of your mission and stand out from competitors with a custom design.

Email Accounts

Create email accounts for your team hosted at your domain.