Ragsdale Liggett

Designing a Sophisticated Site for an Experienced Law Firm

Since 1972, Ragsdale Ligget has worked hard to secure its position as one of North Carolina’s leading law firms. The firm specializes in handling cases related to business law, real estate, regulatory matters, and civil litigation disputes. Ragsdale Liggett’s experienced attorneys are frequently recognized for the professionalism, sophistication, and technical skill that they bring to each case.

As Ragsdale Liggett expanded over the years, they realized that a comprehensive and polished website would be an essential part of maintaining their position at the head of their field. To this end, the firm approached NMC for a dynamic law firm website design that would serve as an information hub for clients at any of their office locations in North Carolina and Florida.

The resulting site brings together clear organization, helpful features, and a modern design for a digital platform that captures Ragsdale Ligget’s dual commitments to top-notch service and its legacy of excellence.

A Streamlined Homepage

Upon landing on the Ragsdale Liggett’s homepage, users immediately encounter bold full-width images, eye catching content blocks, and large clickable buttons that highlight key interior pages. Framed in muted jewel tones, the unique homepage design shows a modern flair while maintaining the high level of professionalism expected from an established firm.

Further down the page, a large map displays the firm’s national reach. Although Ragsdale Liggett’s offices are concentrated in the Southeast, the map makes it clear that the firm is equipped to take on cases throughout the United States.

User-Friendly Features

The site’s interior carries through many of the design elements introduced on the homepage. Most notably, content pages combine sans serif text and serif headings for a look that expresses the firm’s connections to both old and new traditions.

The content itself is organized intuitively into main pages on Practices, Lawyers, and News. In each of these sections, visitors can find a wealth of valuable content that helpfully points to related news, attorneys, and specialty areas. The connected content anticipates visitors’ needs and makes it easy to gather information about the firm.

Client-oriented details continue on attorney bio pages, where visitors can click through information tabs and download each team member’s PDF. We often create custom PDF generators for law firm clients, and we’ve found that many firms value the feature’s ability to present content in an easy-to-share format.

Maximizing the Footer

Ragsdale Liggett makes the most of their site by utilizing the footer area to showcase awards and contact information. More and more, firms are looking at their website as a place to highlight their own strengths instead of a platform for competing with peer organizations. But awards and badges are still hard-earned, so for Ragsdale Liggett, the footer was the perfect place to display their accolades. You can see more examples of footer awards in our blog post, Twelve Common Features of a Modern Law Firm Website.

Onward in Excellence

Considering Ragsdale Liggett’s track record of growth, we fully expect that the firm will continue to evolve and expand in the future. With this expectation in mind, we built the site on a flexible WordPress base that allows site administrators to update and scale the site in an intuitive Content Management System.

With the launch of the site, Ragsdale Liggett has brought new energy to their digital brand that simultaneously expresses the firm’s time-honed experience and forward momentum. We’re excited to look on as Ragsdale Ligget uses this new platform to take their practice to the next level.