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Like most law firms, you probably don’t have a full-time, highly-skilled, in-house marketing department tirelessly generating new leads all the time, even while you sleep. Instead, you’re content relying on the occasional referral from satisfied clients, right? Or maybe you’re OK with getting an email once in a while from sponsoring the local Chamber of Commerce event?

A law firm is like any other business, which depends on effective tools for continually generating qualified leads. A modern, engaging web site does just that, working for your firm like a full-time, in-house, highly-skilled marketing department. There’s no reason you can’t have your own today.

Read on to discover how New Media Campaigns excels at building exceptionally effective web sites for law firms large and small with its powerful web technology and deep domain expertise. Already know NMC is the right partner? Still have a few questions? Get in touch today.

Your Site Should Be a Client-Generating Tool

The legal services landscape has changed along with the rest of the world. While word-of-mouth is as important as ever, more and more people every day use the web to evaluate their professional service provide, from doctors to plumbers. Not only that, but potential consumers of your legal advice & services are not just found in your neighborhood or city but from everywhere across the country. Sometimes, the right lawyer is a few states away and the right web presence connects you.

At NMC, we understand that a web site is no longer just a brochure on a screen. It’s the cornerstone of your marketing, advertising, and publicity outreach and beyond merely informing visitors about your specific legal services and providing contact information, it should load fast, be frequently updated, build trust in your practice through a modern design and thoughtfully written copy, and help you keep track of inbound leads.

Your competitors are already doing this and already realize the return on a sound web site investment. You won’t realize the potential return on your marketing dollars without a better web site than your competitors. With NMC on your side, you’ll win on the web.

Why Firms Choose Us

Fresh breath? Cheerful disposition? Annual holiday cards? We’re not sure, but here are some ideas:

  • Unique Web Design: Our sites are modern and engaging, with large, engaging photography and clear, well-organized navigation and copy. If you’re crazy about gavels, pillars, Lady Justice, or any other visual legal cliché, you may want to keep looking.

  • Turnkey Services: We’re a full-service agency. That means you can hire us to design your logo, build your web site, customize your content management software, run your Google Ads, and provide ongoing technical and editorial support as needed. We call it the “whole shebang”™ model\*. and it’s great for law firms. (\* Not really trademarked. Hey, can you help with that?

  • Search-friendly Code: ‘If you launch it, they will come’, right? (Or is it ‘when a web site falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it…’? One or the other.) It’s crucial to play Google’s game so that your law firm web site ranks well organically. We’re certified Google pros and can show you how handwritten code and nurturing inbound links help Google help you.

  • Mobile-responsive Engineering: Would you believe more people visit web sites from a mobile device than a desktop (or even laptop) these days? It’s true. Every new web project New Media Campaigns develops automatically and invisibly adapts to phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It’s called “Responsive Design” and it’s pretty cool. Now people can retain your firm while waiting for the bus.

  • Dead-simple Content Management Software: We recommend HiFi for all our sites, which is flexible, fast, powerful, fast, easy to use, and fast (also fast). It’ll be custom-configured to your legal firm’s publishing needs so you can manage it all by your lonesome. (We also build with Wordpress & Drupal, as the situation dictates.) Remember, no more brochure sites: articles, blogs, case studies, and other expertise-demonstrating content is what sets law firm web sites apart. You’ll write more often if it’s easy to do.

  • No Contracts: You buy it, you own it. No hidden fees or ongoing retainers — unless you want one, of course, which we’re happy to provide. But there’s no obligation and bugs are always fixed promptly and for free.

What Makes NMC Different

Our Content-first Approach

Let your content be your brand: richer bio content, more (and better) case studies, better articles and blog posts. Every day, Google sends visitors to your site not only through the home page but every interior page it indexes. People land on interior content pages as much as your home page so every page should orient the visitors, inform her, and help her find her way around.

Full-service Staff

We’re a staff of 13 full-time web experts across many domains, including branding, design, programming, and support. Smaller web agencies offer only a few services but New Media Campaigns can handle every part of your online presence, from logo design to content management software to search engine marketing. We’ll assign a dedicated project manager, designer, and programmer to your project and you’ll get to know them by name so if there’s ever a problem, Alex, Pascale, Claire, and Clay are just a short phone call or email away.


Seriously, we make a lot of sites for lawyers. That means we get a lot of feedback on the unique requirements for successful law sites and bring all that experience to bear on each new project we undertake. (We actually make even more web sites for not lawyers and you benefit from that, as well.) With as large and capable a team as ours, we can reply right away.

Getting Started is Easy

Essential to a law firm’s growth is both word of mouth and effective marketing. Hire us for the latter — web sites and digital marketing are all we do and our specialty is in delivering effective, engaging web sites on time and on budget that help you grow your business. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how to acquire a full-time marketing department for your law practice.

Some of Our Work

A small sample of websites we've built for our clients.

Site Features

Forms + Mailing Lists

Gather information on your visitors from custom forms mailing list sign-ups

Custom Design

Capture the essence of your mission and stand out from competitors with a custom design.

Email Accounts

Create email accounts for your team hosted at your domain.