TransPerfect GlobalLink

Building a Dynamic Site for a Multifaceted Translation Solution

TransPerfect Translations is an international power player with more than 6,000 employees and offices in over 100 cities around the country. One of their most popular product lines is  GlobalLink, an award-winning technology suite that offers a variety of translation solutions for successful brands around the world.

GlobalLink’s flexible translation management system makes it easy for clients to expand into new markets with content that is quickly and accurately translated into their language of choice. GlobalLink serves industries ranging from retail to life sciences and is proud to have partnered with numerous multinational brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, New Balance, and Delta. 

GlobalLink approached NMC to update their existing Drupal website and to subsequently design and build a new digital presence on WordPress. Their goal was to capture the spirit of flexibility and innovation while also clearly outlining each of their products and solutions.

The resulting site accomplishes each of those goals with a very unique but conversion focused design that positions the company as a modern innovator while working to capture new leads and drive organic traffic. 

A Dynamic Design

Without a doubt, the most striking element of the GlobalLink site is its fun, illustrative feel. And this is all by design, of course. When imagining the site, GlobalLink wanted to communicate that more than creating technology, they build connections, facilitate conversation, and enthusiastically bridge language divides to encourage a global community that embraces diversity and encourages inclusion. This energy is captured in the site’s vibrant illustrations, freely curving lines, bold color scheme, and a modern sans serif typeface (Galano Grotesque).

Taking things a step further, the site comes to life with animations that engage visitors and convey GlobalLink’s abundant capacity to adapt. On the homepage, the prominent word animation flips through superlatives that describe why GlobalLink is the best choice for translation management. All at once, GlobalLink’s programs are “The World’s Most” user-friendly, powerful, scalable, cost-effective, and flexible. Put simply, this animation confidently assures prospective clients that GlobalLink is equipped to find a translation solution for anyone, anywhere. 

Interior pages continue the momentum with an animated cloud motif in each page’s header. The clouds are fun, playful, and reinforce GlobalLink’s inclination towards forward-thinking solutions and progress. Similarly, embedded videos add opportunities for visitor engagement and offer important insight into GlobalLink’s process, goals, and outcomes. 

The site’s dynamic feel is cemented with the inclusion of an interactive locations map. GlobalLink was already familiar with NMC’s work in designing and building interactive maps, so they decided to include one on their own site to have a place where visitors could explore GlobalLink’s numerous offices.

Intuitive Navigation

In order to make all of the site’s content discoverable by visitors, GlobalLink intentionally prioritized simplicity when it came to information architecture. Instead of confusing visitors with dozens of options or buttons, the site utilizes a minimal main navigation bar that points out starting points and key information about GlobalLink’s offerings. The menu is usable and understandable, even for those who may not be familiar with the technology. 

For visitors looking for more specificity, the site’s footer features a substantial menu that directs attention to a wider range of pages and topics. By separating these items from the top navbar, visitors have access and choices without being overwhelmed by a larger menu. 


Conversion Focused

As with any B2B website design, it was important for GlobalLink to use their new platform to attract and gather leads. To do this, we incorporated easy-to-use forms throughout the site so that no matter where a visitor lands, they always have the option to request a demo. In addition to a prominent button in the top navigation bar, the forms are strategically paired with case studies, solutions, industries, and technology partners – anything that might interest a visitor enough to want more information. 

Considering that many visitors may not enter the site through the homepage, this strategy increases the potential for conversion and makes it easy for visitors to connect with GlobalLink representatives.


Positioned for Future Success

In order to match GlobalLink’s need for flexibility, we built the site on an adaptable WordPress base that will allow for in-house management and easy scaling in the future. So as GlobalLink continues to grow and progress, site administrators will be able to add new case studies, update product pages, and make changes as needed. 

We’re thrilled with the outcome and can’t wait to watch GlobalLink use their new site to support clients in all of their exciting endeavors.