Glover Construction Co., Inc.

Highlighting a Construction Company’s Time-Honed Expertise

Family-owned and operated for nearly 70 years, Glover Construction has built a name for itself by tackling challenging construction projects across the Southeast. Based on decades of experience, Glover approaches each project with an unbeatable work ethic, a fierce commitment to safety, and an attitude that prioritizes customer service at every step of the way. 

When Glover decided to refresh their digital presence, they came to us with the goal of conveying their experience, services, and company values on a polished site that would appeal to prospective clients and generate new leads. The resulting B2B website design brings together dynamic stat bars, helpful buttons and tabs, and informative content for a site that successfully accomplishes all of Glover’s goals. 

Energizing an Established Brand

Considering Glover’s decades in the business, we wanted the site to reflect the company’s time-honed expertise while also showing sophistication and fresh energy. 

Beginning on the homepage, we incorporated features like a bold stat bar and a testimonial slider to draw attention to key facts and customer satisfaction. In addition to conveying important information, these elements bring movement to the page and lend a feel that’s dynamic and active. The rest of the homepage is characterized by high quality images, assertive slogans, and eye catching features in Glover’s signature shades of red and black. Large clickable buttons direct site visitors to interior pages where they can read about topics like Glover’s history and services.

Evidence-Backed Success

Many of the site’s interior pages are dedicated to showcasing what sets Glover apart from other construction companies. This is accomplished first through a comprehensive Safety section and second through a series of helpful Case Studies

On the Safety page, site visitors can navigate through four key sections by clicking on tabs in the page’s header. Using bulleted lists, another stat bar, and a live-updating incident tracker, these sections outline Glover’s safety precautions along with relevant certifications and trainings. The detailed safety information accomplishes Glover’s goals for the site by proving the care with which the company approaches each project. 

Each Service page similarly uses evidence to demonstrate why Glover is the right choice for a construction project. To reinforce the company’s track record of success, site visitors who access a service area are directed towards representative case studies that outline project details, outcomes, and special skills employed by Glover to get the job done right. The case studies help site visitors to evaluate the company by showing off their successes in a variety of different situations. 

Entering a New Chapter

With the launch of the new site, Glover has energetically reimagined their online presence while maintaining the narrative of an experienced family business. The new site has already helped the company to attract new leads, connect with prospective clients, and take on new projects throughout the Southeast. 

In order to best position the company for continued growth and expansion, we built the site on a flexible WordPress base that makes it easy to add new content and scale over time. This way, Glover can keep all of their information up-to-date and add new case studies and service offerings as needed. We look forward to supporting Glover for years to come!