Bashyam Shah Immigration Law Group

A Detail-Oriented Design for an Immigration Law Firm

For over twenty years, Bashyam Shah has remained dedicated to one goal – helping clients immigrate to the United States. The firm’s team of talented lawyers focus exclusively on the practice of Immigration and Nationality Law, and have been recognized for their skill and professionalism by U.S. News and World Report, the American Institute of Legal Counsel, and Best Lawyers in America. 

As the firm grew and evolved, they realized that a new website would be an essential part of maintaining their position as a leading immigration law firm. Bashyam Shah approached NMC in search of a law firm website design that would communicate their widespread impact, the depth of their services, and their commitment to cutting-edge information. 

A History of Success

When imagining a new site, Bashyam Shah wanted to clearly emphasize their proven ability to make an impact. This is accomplished through a dynamic homepage that includes client testimonials, links to detailed Success Stories, and live integrations with the firm’s blog and social media accounts. 

The site’s interior establishes the depth of the firm’s services by offering organized dropdown menus that call out each practice area. Here, visitors can easily access content pages that explain various types of visas and procedures for different categories of immigration. The site helpfully pairs this content with downloadable educational resources, video testimonials, and FAQ sections that preempt visitors’ needs. 

The site is built on a custom WordPress setup that makes it easy for administrators to add new content as immigration processes continue to change. This will allow Bashyam Shah to maintain accurate information and remain at the forefront of immigration law practice. 

An Outstanding Result

With the launch of the new site, Bashyam Shah has successfully revamped their online presence to match the skill and precision that they bring to clients each day. The design’s use of sleek gradients, clean edges, and interesting textures imparts a modern feel that leaves visitors confident in Bashyam Shah’s ability to expertly support clients through all of their immigration needs.