East End Market

Located in Raleigh’s East End neighborhood, East End Market is a forthcoming development destination that will offer restaurants, shopping, apartment living, and office spaces. East End Market is conveniently located in close proximity to Raleigh’s dynamic downtown area and other key locations. 

During the planning process, the developers behind the project approached us to design and build a website that would show off the exciting plans and potential for the development. East End Market is significant for Raleigh – it represents the city’s emerging creative class and works to connect different neighborhoods and push the whole city forward.  

The plans are authentic to the area in which they’re being enacted. They’re energetic, dynamic, and edgy, and we were tasked with bringing those feelings to life on the web. We created a site that highlights the development’s main attributes and ideal location while also conveying the authentically cool and hip feeling of East End Market.

Focused Communication

The purpose of the site is to quickly convey the essence of the development and the surrounding neighborhood while also showing off its numerous benefits. This gives visitors an immediate understanding of what it might be like to live, work, and play in East End Market.

Throughout the design and build, we worked to incorporate economic development website best practices to ensure that the finished site would be engaging, informative, and exciting.


Cultivating Engagement

We worked hard to include numerous engaging features that will catch visitors’ attention. This begins with the animated hero image at the top of the page. Because the development has so much to offer, we utilized animation to bring the “Welcome” slogan to life. This communicates that East End Market can be anything from a home to a food district to a workplace. 

As visitors move down the page, topics are delineated by clear color blocking and the use of high quality images. Sharp edges and minimal tones of gray lend the site a modern feel and a clean aesthetic, while textures of raw wood and exposed brick add character and allude to the junction of old and new. This is reinforced by the unique combination of serif and sans serif typefaces. 

The site is rounded out by helpful features like an integrated contact form, a downloadable leasing brochure, a custom designed map, and a footer section about the developers.  

An Exciting Future

With the launch of the site, East End Market has successfully built a digital presence that will surely help to cultivate excitement about the new development. As the project continues to progress, we’re excited to expand the site and promote the new opportunities in this ever-evolving neighborhood.