Creating a Dynamic Site for an Innovative Software Company

Headquartered in Virginia, Rievent is a global software company that specializes in creating technologies that support continuing education for medical professionals (i.e., a CME/CE management system). With the software that Rievent provides, companies can administer and report on their continuing education efforts with the help of automated programs and built-in activities. 

Rievent initially worked with us back in 2015 to overhaul their digital brand and help their site to bring products to the forefront. After a few years and a lot of growth, they came back to us at the end of 2019 to refresh the site with a new look and a digital positioning strategy that we helped them to refine.

We were excited to partner with Rievent again to design and build a sophisticated b2b website design that would highlight their two decades of experience while also showing their commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of their field.

An Enviable Design

From homepage to contact form, the Rievent site brings together the very best of modern design. Clean sans serif typefaces are paired with fun icons and eye-catching colors, while gentle gradients are punctuated with refreshingly sharp blocks and circles. The design as a whole is fresh and engaging – not what one might expect from a B2B software company in the medical space – which is exactly what Rievent wanted. 

Throughout the site, users encounter intuitive features that are designed to break down information into bite-sized pieces. On the homepage, this is achieved through the use of clickable Features tabs, a slider bar of Case Studies, and a series of brief client testimonials. 

The straightforward dropdown menu shepherds users towards interior pages with the same amount of clarity and focus. Users can easily explore Rievent products and features, discover the Rievent advantage, and access the company’s blog and other resources. 

Robust Resources

In addition to a beautiful design, the Rievent site also includes a number of unique features that are meant to anticipate questions from prospective buyers and support the needs of existing clients.

On each product page, these resources come in the form of a downloadable Spec Sheet for prospective customers. Here, site visitors are provided with a comprehensive list of the platform’s features and highlights. The PDF format is printable, shareable, and easy to distribute as a company evaluates the product. 

The Case Studies section of the site also offers detailed information for potential customers. Displayed in a crisp grid layout, the extended testimonials are linked to tiles that welcome visitors’ clicks. The case studies make it easy for visitors to review the experiences of current clients like the American Society of Dermatopathology and the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery

For existing clients, the site’s Insights section includes a regularly-updated blog and a series of videos about specific product features. These elements both contribute to the dynamic feel of the site and bring the products to life. 

Securing a Leading Position

With the launch of the site, Rievent continued their charge towards the forefront of the constantly evolving continuing-ed market. In order to help them keep their content at the cutting edge, we built the site on a flexible WordPress base that allows administrators to add and update whenever new material is available. Looking ahead, we’re excited to see Rievent scale and grow their online presence.