Wyrick Robbins

Creating a Modern Site for a Leading Law Firm

Based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Wyrick Robbins is a full-service law firm that offers a variety of legal solutions to growth-oriented businesses large and small. The firm is driven by commitments to efficient problem solving, a collaborative spirit, and the strong belief that all clients should be met with excellent service in each interaction with their legal team.

As Wyrick Robbins grew and became a mainstay in the RTP area, the firm decided that a new website would be an essential part of maintaining their leading position and technological edge. They approached NMC to create a law firm website design that would reflect their goals of clear communication and high quality service with a unique and modern flair. 

A Sleek Design

The site’s design largely builds on Wyrick Robbins’ “Elemental to Success” slogan and matching logo. This theme is most prominent on the homepage, where the firm’s practice areas are laid out in an interactive periodic table that evokes feelings of scientific research and discovery. Here and other areas, features like sharp edges, graphic diagonals, and bold color blocking contribute to the site’s modern, cutting-edge appearance.

The interior of the site carries through the sophisticated aesthetic by featuring high quality images, unique background textures, grid layouts, and plenty of dedicated whitespace. Together, these elements convey Wyrick Robbins’ polish, professionalism, and detail-oriented mindset.  

Built for Efficiency

The site’s intuitive navigation makes it easy for visitors to explore the content without becoming overwhelmed. To ensure a smooth browsing experience, Wyrick Robbins chose to break down key content areas into the straightforward categories displayed in the top navigation bar. The simplicity of the menu and accompanying dropdowns offers visitors a clear path towards finding and gathering helpful information.

Digging deeper into the content itself, the site anticipates visitors’ needs by including comprehensive practice area pages, up-to-date news and insights, and robust individual bios. Visitors are even given the option of downloading each bio page as a PDF. For many of our law firm clients, this type of PDF generator is a useful site feature that simplifies the process for presenting and sharing information about the firm. You can read more about them in our blog post on Custom PDF Generators for Law Firms

A Microsite to Match

In addition to the primary site, we also built a law firm practice microsite to house the blog for Wyrick Robbins’ Privacy and Data Security team. The microsite, branded as Practical Privacy, plays on design elements from Wyrick Robbins’ main platform while incorporating new shapes and layouts to take on its own distinctive feel. 

You can read more about the design and development of the microsite in the Practical Privacy portfolio piece. And if you're interested in the reasoning behind microsites in general, check out our blog post, Should Your Law Firm Use Practice Area Microsites?.

A Successful Outcome

Given the firm’s continual growth and development, we built the site on a flexible WordPress base that allows administrators to easily publish new content, update existing materials, and scale the site over time. 

We’re thrilled with the result and can’t wait to see how Wyrick Robbins will utilize the site to support their ongoing success.