Wyrick Robbins Practical Privacy

A Distinctive Law Firm Practice Microsite

We recently launched a new website for Wyrick Robbins, a full-service law firm based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. Wyrick Robbins oversees over a dozen large practice groups, so they also requested a law firm practice microsite to house the blog for their Privacy and Data Security Team.

We worked together to design a platform that would reflect the group’s autonomy while maintaining an unmistakable connection to the main Wyrick brand. The resulting Practical Privacy blog accomplishes this goal by incorporating familiar design elements with a subtle twist.

Design Harmony

When we approached the microsite’s design, we looked to the primary Wyrick.com website for inspiration. In the end, we blended Wyrick’s angular layouts and signature shades of blue with a modern card-driven design that suits the blog well. Each page of the Practical Privacy site includes a button back to Wyrick.com, so it was important for the designs to be compatible with one another.

Because Practical Privacy’s main purpose is to showcase blog content, we structured the homepage to highlight recent posts and top contributors. The strong visuals grab visitors’ attention, and the sidebar list makes it easy to locate posts that reference particular topics.

Once visitors reach the All Posts interior page, they’re invited to browse through the content or filter the posts by topic or author. These intuitive navigation features allow users to explore the blog without becoming overwhelmed by the volume of posts.

Microsite Basics

You may be wondering why we took the microsite approach to begin with. A lot of our law firm clients inquire about separating practice areas from their main site, but it can be tricky to determine when they’re useful and when they’re not.

In this case, a microsite was right for Wyrick’s Privacy and Data Security team because they had so much content that related exclusively to their practice area. Had the blog been added to Wyrick’s main website, visitors may have become confused by the targeted content.

If you’re interested in reading more about the microsite debate, check out our blog post: Should Your Law Firm Use Practice Area Microsites?.

Continuing Wyrick’s Momentum

Since the launch of the microsite, Wyrick’s privacy lawyers have fully embraced their new platform. They regularly post topical content and legal news, and administrators routinely update the website through a custom WordPress Content Management System.