Lenovo LanSchool

Promoting Innovative Learning Technology for Digital Classrooms

Rooted in the Worldwide Education Group of international corporate powerhouse Lenovo, LanSchool provides innovative learning solutions for schools and districts with online learning initiatives. LanSchool’s popular edtech programs support 12 million users in over 75 countries, and are backed by the company’s 30+ years of experience in the industry. Each software system is secure, intuitive, and driven by the mission of maximizing the digital classroom experience.

As LanSchool grew and evolved over the years, they quickly realized that their website no longer matched the dynamic energy of their products. They approached NMC to develop a modern B2B website design that would refresh their online presence and reflect their leading position as innovators in edtech. The resulting website combines fun design elements, streamlined navigation, and a wealth of informative content for a strong digital platform that shows off LanSchool’s professionalism and expertise.

Playful Design

We sometimes serve as a web development partner for agencies for web-savvy clients. So when LanSchool came to us with a design for a new website, we were happy to help them bring their vision to life.

LanSchool’s design balances the professionalism of an established company with the creativity of the ever-evolving digital learning movement. On the homepage, the design captures this feeling by pairing bold circles and pixel-like squares with grounding serif headings. The structured layout and clear content blocks add a touch of traditionalism, but bright colors and sharp images disrupt any potential for monotony. Together, these elements allude to the fact that LanSchool blends decades of experience with a mindset that embraces growth and change.

Interior pages carry through core design elements like circle motifs, vibrant colors, and engaging icons. As a whole, the site successfully conveys the energetic character of the LanSchool brand.

Approachable Content

When planning their content strategy, LanSchool knew that most of their site visitors would arrive in search of specific information about their edtech programs. We worked together to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find the answers they need.

The site helpfully outlines each program with detailed information about key features and integrations. Visitors can dig deeper in LanSchool’s Resource Center, where the company regularly posts relevant blog pieces, industry news, and case studies.

For those who are interested enough to take the next step, the site incorporates opportunities for conversion throughout. Contact forms powered by HubSpot are embedded on each product page, and prominent buttons encourage visitors to join the mailing list or begin their free trial.

Positioned for Future Growth

We built the site on a flexible WordPress base that allows administrators to publish new blog posts, add program information, and update site resources as needed. In addition to facilitating these everyday tasks, the site’s easy-to-use Content Management System also ensures that the site will be able to grow and scale with the company over time.

Post-launch, LanSchool is thrilled with their new platform and loves how it has reinvigorated their brand. We look forward to supporting the company as they continue to do great things.