McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer, PLLC

An Intuitive Website for a North Carolina Law Firm

Operating out of five offices that span the state of North Carolina, McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer is an experienced law firm that assists clients with cases ranging from traffic citations to estate administration. The firm’s accomplished group of attorneys works hard to provide professional, ethical service while keeping costs affordable for their wide range of clients.

When the practice’s digital platform needed a refresh, MWH approached us for a custom law firm website design that would show off the firm’s depth of experience and unique collection of resources. The resulting website does just that – all while presenting the content within a modern and intuitive design.

Refreshing Design

From the beginning, MWH made it clear that they wanted their new website to avoid a dated and traditional look in favor of something clean, dynamic, and modern. We took this into account throughout the design process, and came up with a final product that utilizes sharp lines, high quality images, and strategic whitespace to make their vision a reality.

The site’s homepage captures this look completely and sets the tone for the rest of the design. Visitors are drawn in by engaging images, large clickable buttons, and information that is neatly organized into lists and grids.

Interior pages continue the momentum by incorporating signature MWH colors, a sophisticated mix of serif and sans serif typefaces, and fully customizable page layouts.

Resources That Set the Firm Apart

Content-wise, the website is chock-full of information that appeals to prospective clients and existing ones alike. Using the site’s intuitive menu and buttons, visitors can easily navigate to things like the firm’s own video podcast library, a helpful news section, practice area listings, and detailed individual attorney bios.

Technology Primed for Growth

Considering the firm’s history of growth and expansion, we built the site on a flexible WordPress base that makes it easy to add new information, update existing pages, and publish new resources as they become available. This flexibility also means that the website is fully scalable should MWH ever choose to expand their practice areas or office locations.

With the new website up and running, MWH has successfully revised their online presence to match the professionalism and expertise with which they serve their clients each day. We’re excited to continue supporting the firm as they settle into their site and use the platform to take their practice to the next level.