Oswald Companies

A Family of Websites for a Risk Management Giant

Founded in 1893, Oswald Companies is a Cleveland-based insurance brokerage and risk management firm. Oswald maintains seven office locations in Ohio and Michigan and oversees a handful of diverse partner companies.

As one of the country’s largest independent firms of its kind, Oswald knew from the beginning that they would need a strong digital presence to convey their position as an industry leader. They approached NMC for a B2B website design that would do just that.

Working closely with the Oswald team, we created a robust series of websites that reflect Oswald’s commitments to stellar customer service and unbeatable results.

Polished Design

Beginning on the homepage, the site’s modern design exudes professionalism and expertise. Users immediately encounter a dynamic image slider, helpful practice area tabs, high quality video, and a live-updating integration with Oswald’s Twitter feed. All of these features work together to show the depth of the company’s work and what sets their approach apart.

Interior pages are accessed through a minimal hamburger menu at the top of the screen. Here, visitors can easily navigate to any of Oswald’s core business groups. These pages carry through the modern aesthetic with clean content blocks, sans serif typefaces, streamlined bulleted lists, sleek background textures, and Oswald’s recognizable shades of navy blue and red.

Comprehensive Content

The content itself is strategically structured into focused topic hubs. When a site visitor accesses any of these pages, they can expect to find information about the risk area along with relevant links to other content and related blog posts. The hub model brings depth to each page and makes it easy for visitors to gather information quickly.

Articles pulled in from the blog also serve to direct visitors towards Oswald’s impressive Media Center. The Media Center features blog posts, news items, event announcements, and videos that cover a variety of topics related to Oswald’s work. Not only are these resources helpful to visitors, but they also establish the company’s authority and boost search engine optimization efforts.


Specialty Microsites

In addition to Oswald’s primary site (oswaldcompanies.com), we also created three microsites to showcase autonomous units of the Oswald brand.

Oswald Financial specializes in wealth management and retirement plan services. Although the firm is driven by the same mission and values as Oswald Companies, they felt the need to distinguish themselves with their own unique digital platform. The microsite does this by bringing in brighter colors and rich background textures while maintaining the polish of the main Oswald site.

OsWell, another one of the microsites, focuses on the health management side of Oswald’s business. Like Oswald Financial, OsWell brings in vibrant new colors and fun icon buttons that set it apart from other Oswald branches. But at the same time, OsWell connects closely with the main Oswald brand by incorporating a similar navigation structure and the classic red accent color.

The last microsite, Taylor Oswald, is a minority-owned risk management firm that joined the Oswald family in 2011. The site’s homepage mirrors the engaging feel of the main Oswald platform, but again introduces distinctive colors to establish separation from the parent company.

Powerful Technology

We built all of Oswald’s new sites on a flexible WordPress base. The intuitive Content Management System makes it easy for administrators to add and update content, and each microsite can easily create their own layouts that utilize different colors and styling.

WordPress was a great fit for Oswald because it also ensured that each of the sites would be completely scalable for growth and expansion.

A Successful Result

With the launch of the new sites, Oswald Companies has completed a complete refresh of their digital presence. We’re excited to see how they’ll continue to use their platforms to reach new clients across the nation.