David Holden for Congress

A Modern Campaign Website for a Florida Democrat

David Holden is a passionate congressional hopeful with a penchant for change. In preparation for the 2020 election cycle, Holden approached New Media Campaigns to create a dynamic new website that would engage and activate Florida voters.

Rooted strongly in Holden’s people-first approach to politics, the goals for the site were clear. Most importantly, it would need to introduce voters to Holden, his values, and his relevant experience. It would also need to highlight key positions, update supporters with campaign news, mobilize volunteers, and drive donations.

We applied over a decade of experience in political campaign website design to produce a digital platform that accomplishes Holden’s goals with a distinctly fresh and modern twist.

Sharing Holden’s Story

As with any campaign, a primary objective of the website was to connect voters with their candidate and explain why he should represent them in office. We approached this by featuring rich narrative, high quality images, and personalised “you-oriented” content throughout the site.

On the homepage, visitors get a taste of Holden’s upbringing and path to politics in a detailed “Meet David” section. The use of Holden’s first name avoids the stiffness of a traditional campaign, and the inclusion of background information allows visitors to get to know the candidate on a deeper level. Paired with an even more in-depth About page, visitors come to understand that for Holden, political motivation is quite personal.

See more examples of rich about pages in our blog post, 2020 Political Web Design Trends.

Informing Potential Supporters

The website naturally moves between establishing Holden’s character and explaining his positions on important issues. This begins on the homepage with a sleek image grid that maps out a variety of priorities. Here, visitors can click on any topic to view a concise description of Holden’s opinion and goals.

The site’s News section is a fitting next stop for visitors who are interested in the latest campaign developments. Some of the articles are letters from David himself, and others outline the reasoning behind certain positions or explain ideas that are commonly misunderstood. All in all, the content continues to educate visitors while keeping within the site’s signature fresh and modern feel.

Encouraging Conversion

Throughout the site, visitors encounter opportunities to participate in the campaign. Whether that means making a donation or simply signing up for the email list, custom forms streamline the process and help move supporters up the ladder of engagement.

The forms are prominently located on the homepage, in the site’s footer, under the Volunteer tab, and through the large buttons in the top navigation bar.

Built to Grow and Scale

We know from experience that political campaigns move quickly. Given the tight timeline and tangible goal, we build all of our political websites to be adaptable, scalable, and primed for numerous updates and content changes.

For Holden’s website, we went with a flexible WordPress base that allows the campaign to quickly publish new content and easily create custom layouts. As campaign needs shift, staffers can use the intuitive Content Management System to revise the site during any stage of the campaign.

Since launch, we’ve continued to partner with the Holden for Florida team to further optimize the site and ensure that each element is functioning correctly. We’ll support the campaign all the way through Election Day, when we hope to see a successful result!