Judge Piper Griffin for Supreme Court

A Compelling Judicial Campaign Website for a Dedicated Candidate

Known in her community as a skilled leader and experienced judge, Piper Griffin has cultivated a reputation of integrity and excellence over the course of her 33 year legal career. She routinely shares her expertise as a member of boards and committees, gives back to others through participation with professional and civic associations, and has been recognized for her good work with numerous honors and awards.

When Judge Griffin decided to pursue a seat on Louisiana’s Supreme Court, she approached us for a judicial campaign website that would highlight her experience and priorities while encouraging supporters to get involved with her campaign. The finished website accomplishes these goals with narrative-driven layouts, easy-to-access information, and strong design elements that set Griffin’s campaign apart from her competitors'.

Developing a Memorable Campaign Brand

First impressions are important – especially in a digital age when political opinions are largely informed by online content. With this in mind, we carefully designed each site element to reflect Judge Griffin’s outlook, values, and personality.

From the homepage onward, the design prioritizes subtle Lady Justice imagery, professional shades of navy and gold, and a distinctive mix of serif and sans serif typefaces. Together, these features evoke the winning combination of Judge Griffin’s time on the bench and evolving modern edge.

Interior pages elaborate on Judge Griffin’s qualifications and goals within unique, narrative-driven layouts. Characterized by high quality photography, bold quotes, and personal messages from the candidate herself, these parts of the design work to personalize the website and form a connection between Judge Griffin and her supporters.

Incorporating User-Oriented Features

Design aside, the website appeals to site visitors with easy-to-use features that streamline the process for getting involved in the campaign effort. Prominent buttons link directly to social media platforms, a donation portal, and options for learning more about volunteer opportunities.

Taking things a step further, the site includes an integration with Google Translate that allows visitors to explore the content in a language of their choice. Whether that’s Spanish or Swahili, the feature ensures that all supporters are able to read and understand all that Judge Griffin has to offer to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Utilizing Campaign-Friendly Technology for a Successful Result

From our deep experience in political campaign web design, we understand that the election cycle moves with urgency and purpose. Thus, we built the site on a flexible WordPress base that makes it easy for staffers to add the latest news, updates, and announcements as Election Day nears. And the best part – the intuitive content management system can be mastered without the need for any prior web experience or training.