Anicira Veterinary Center

A Cheerful Site for a Virginia Veterinary Center

Anicira is a veterinary healthcare provider that serves cats and dogs in the Washington DC metro area. The Anicira team is committed to offering excellent care at affordable prices – both to family pets and to found animals who have nowhere else to go.

In the years since Anicira’s founding, the veterinary center’s team has cared for more than 30,000 furry patients. Considering the growth and momentum of the practice, Anicira quickly realized that a strong digital presence would be an essential part of maintaining their position as leaders in pet care.

With this idea in mind, Anicira approached us for an engaging nonprofit website design that would highlight their offerings while communicating their expertise and compassionate approach. We brought this vision to life with a website that showcases dynamic images, in-depth resources, and a playfully modern aesthetic.

An Energetic Homepage

Anicira’s homepage sets the tone for the rest of the site. Features like curved lines and circular impact icons evoke feelings of progress and movement, and clear content blocks organize information into distinct topic areas. Most importantly, the animals take center stage both as large spotlight characters and in smaller thumbnail photos. The combined effect is a modern homepage that conveys professionalism with personality.

Lively Interiors

The site’s interior pages build on the homepage design with similarly playful layouts. Each page makes use of a curved header, high quality images, clean sans serif typefaces, and bold clickable buttons. Many, like Adoption Center, also include attention-grabbing statistic bars paired with fun shapes and icons.

In terms of content, Anicira’s impressive Resource Center serves as a hub for pet-related information. Here, site visitors can learn about common behavior problems, best practices for training, and general care guidelines for cats and dogs. The articles are helpfully tagged by topic and can be filtered by animal.

The site also features information for volunteers, guidance for potential adopters, a blog, and an integrated Donation portal.

A Timely Pivot

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced Anicira to reevaluate their day-to-day operations, their website immediately became a tool for facilitating new types of veterinary care. The site now includes details about Anicira’s virtual consultation service and a carside check-in tool that allows customers to communicate with staff through a live chat feature.

Positioned for Growth

Based on Anicira’s growth-oriented mindset, we selected a flexible WordPress setup that will allow the site to scale with the organization over time. Additionally, the intuitive Content Management System will make it easy for administrators to add and update site content as needed.