Cheri Beasley for N.C. Chief Justice

A Judicial Campaign Website for an Experienced NC Supreme Court Judge

As the first African American woman to serve as North Carolina’s Chief Justice, Cheri Beasley has been leading the way since the start of her judicial career over 20 years ago. In her current position, Beasley has worked hard to ensure fairness and transparency within the state’s courts, and continues to fight for important community issues through collaboration with schools, law enforcement officials, and other prominent local leaders.

When it came time to pursue reelection, Chief Justice Beasley reached out to us for a compelling judicial campaign website design that would highlight her experience and key platform initiatives. The resulting site accomplishes both goals with clear, organized content, a polished aesthetic, and a rich narrative about Beasley’s time on the bench.

A Modern Judicial Campaign Website Design

As Chief Justice, Beasley has worked tirelessly to make the court system more accessible to North Carolinians. In part, she’s done this by implementing modern technology solutions that defy the outdated systems of the past. Thus, it was clear from the start that her website would need to reflect her campaign’s web savvy approach.

Beginning on the homepage, Beasley’s fresh energy comes through in a series of high quality photos, modern sans serif typefaces, and a prominently displayed slogan that references her commitment to rejuvenating North Carolina’s courts.

Interior pages maintain the contemporary look by incorporating red and blue accent colors, strong featured images, and easy-to-read bulleted content lists. The website’s refreshing simplicity makes for a user experience that’s intuitive and informative at the same time.

Features that Foster Engagement

In addition to engaging site visitors through design, the website also includes features that encourage supporters to increase their participation in a variety of different ways.

For visitors interested in following the latest developments, a robust News section houses campaign updates and relevant articles in local publications.

For those who want to take the next step, the website’s Get Involved page offers opportunities to sign up for Beasley’s newsletter, donate to the campaign, volunteer, or request an event appearance. Social media links and donate buttons are also included at the top and bottom of each page, streamlining the process for supporters to participate in any way that they’re able.

Backed by Solid Technology

Knowing that campaigns are fast-moving and ever-changing, we built the site on a flexible WordPress base that allows campaign staff to create anything from quick updates to fully custom layouts. With the intuitive content management system in place, staffers can also add new resources, publish news stories, manage supporter information, and revise site content as the election cycle progresses – all without specialized training or web expertise.

We’re wishing Chief Justice Beasley the very best in her campaign for reelection, and we look forward to providing ongoing support for the website as needed.