Recent Work Examples In the Portfolio

November 25, 2019

Most who work for an agency or other professional services firm are familiar with the story that the cobbler's children go barefoot, as our own projects take a backseat in priority to client work.  We're no exception.  But recently, tired of using that phrase to people, we went through and updated our Portfolio with a number of work examples!

Some of these projects just recently launched, others launched awhile ago, but they're all sites that we're proud of.  Below is a list organized by industry of some of our recent portfolio updates in case you wanted to see what these cobblers have been busy crafting.

Recent nonprofit website design portfolio pieces:

We have always done a lot of work in the nonprofit web design space, and it's one of our favorite verticals to work in.  Nonprofits typically have a large number of stakeholders they need to separately cater to along with very clear goals (raise money and awareness).  Balancing being able to talk to a wide array of visitors while continuing to keep the site purpose-driven is a fun challenge.  Additionally, since we've done a lot of work in the space, we tend to say that good work begets more work -- it has been fun to see our passion for nonprofits grow into a full fledged niche as others see our work, refer us projects, and we gain more attention (and awards!) in the space.  Below are some nonprofits we've recently worked on and wrote up:

Recent law firm website design work features:

Another niche our firm has developed over the years is working on law firm websites around the country.  These projects are rewarding, because they have the ability to drive real value for firms.  Many firms need not just an attractive and modern design, but also a thoughtful user experience that makes it easy for visitors to navigate the site, and an ongoing Search Engine Optimization strategy to attract qualified prospects to the site.  Firms often have a plethora of resources from internal news, conference presentations, published papers, and more that can be leveraged on the site to make them a deep resource and also connect different content around the site.  We really enjoy the partnership with firms, big and small, and have even been lucky enough to win awards in the space.  Below are a few recent portfolio writeups of our law firm work:

B2B and B2C portfolio updates:

In addition to the law firms we serve, which are their own unique niche due to very specific needs across the industry, we also work with B2B and B2C sites.  These can range from robust ecommerce sites aimed at consumers to professional services groups to organizations marketing themselves to a blend of businesses and consumers across the country.  These sites often have diverse targets and goals, so it's fun to learn about each client's space and what success looks like to them.  Below are some updates to projects we've done for these different groups.

Recent political campaign web design examples:

Our OG niche, so to speak.  When NMC began, we almost solely worked with political and advocacy clients.  As our business and capabilities grew, so did the list of industries who were reaching out to tap us for our expertise.  It was fun to take the very high stakes and purpose-driven lessons we learned from political web design and apply them to other spaces.  We never fully abandoned our roots, of course, though.  We still work with a number of different political campaigns and partner with committees like the DCCC to offer our services to their candidates.  Politics may now represent a minority of our projects, but we realize it's some of the most impactful (and intense!) work we do, and we're always proud of it.  Below are some recent political efforts.

We're really focued on continuing to update our portfolio with updated work, both recent projects and some that just never made it in, before the end of 2019.  These new portfolio layouts help us show off what we can do for clients and show our range of expertise across industries.  As we update that portfolio, we'll work to keep this list updated, too.

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