God's Love We Deliver

Building an Award-Winning Non-Profit Website To Help Deliver Food and Love

God's Love We Deliver (GLWD) was founded in 1986 during the throes of the AIDS crisis to help deliver not just food, but also love and hope, to those suffering with the disease.  Now, the organization has grown to annually deliver more than 1.9 million nutritious, high-quality meals to people around New York City who, because of their illness, are unable to provide or prepare meals for themselves.  The organization is housed in the beautiful Michael Kors building in the heart of New York City, where they also host volunteers, events, fundraisers, and more.

We partnered with our friends at the design agency Franklyln, a Brooklyn brand design studio, who rebranded GLWD, led the visual design, and created a variety of assets that GLWD could use on the site and across other materials.  NMC has partnered with Franklyn on a number of projects, and on this one our non-profit web design and development experience came in handy as we helped GLWD assess and choose different volunteer, donor, and store systems for their site.

The collaboration was a resounding success, and we were proud that the GLWD site is a Webby Honoree for Best Non-Profit Website.

With the new site, the goal was to present a clean, straightforward, and engaging experience for visitors.  A diverse set of stakholders visit the site, including those in need of services, volunteers, shoppers looking for GLWD's famous holiday cookies, prospective event attendees, and others.  The site needed to allow visitors to quickly reach their destination, while also presenting them a beautiful experience that educated them on GLWD's history and impact along the way. 

Persona-driven navigation items and call to action buttons help people immediately segment themselves and get to the content they care most about, and that content is brought to life with custom animations and interactive features.  Knowing that the new site would scale over time, NMC built it on a flexible WordPress setup based on Advanced Custom Fields blocks that let editors build out custom templates and pages by choosing, ordering, and filling out different blocks of content.  This approach lets GLWD continue to take advantage of all the design features on the site, customize them for different pages, and build engaging, effective templates.

Post-launch, NMC and GLWD have continued their collaboration, working together to build out new features, enhance the site's Search Engine Optimization based on gathered data, and more.  NMC was proud to help play a role in GLWD's important mission.