Translating Scientific Excellence Into Solutions for People

Asuragen is an Austin-based healthcare and pharmaceutical company working to improve human life through the power of scientific and best-in-class clinical testing solutions.  The company leverages innovative technology to advance diagnostics to help people with cancer and genetic disease.

The company came to us, looking for a partner who could help them shape their digital presence and execute ongoing SEO and data analytics work.  They wanted a design that not only expressed the cutting edge nature of their work, but one that also connoted the very human element of their work.  Asuragen's tagline is "It's more than a Result. It's a person," and that's a mantra that permeates everything they do, making it important that the site had a certain warmth and humanity to it.

We worked closely to bring their brand to life on the web, and have continued partnering with the company for years to help them implement online ads, scale the web presence, rank well in search engines, and more.

A Deep, Engaging Resource

Asuragen does innovative science, but it was important that the site also serve as a resource for patients, physicians, researchers, and others to tie in that human element.  We worked to bring people to the forefront of the overall site design, and featured design techniques and aesthetics that are more typical in a traditional consumer-facing brand than in a pharma company. 

The site uses custom illustrations throughout to highlight different initatives and elements of the process.  A nice, bespoke design detail to help the site feel more personal and engaging to visitors.  Also, pages are setup with interactive sliders, tabbed tables, a mega menu, slick hover effects, and other features that make them very user-friendly and encourage people to further engage with the content.  The site also features a deep knowledge base of Resources and a Community Spotlight to help further reinofrce the human element of the brand.



Learning, Growing, Getting Better

Since the launch of the site, we have closely partnered with Asuragen to setup a detailed tracking and reporting program on the site.  Using Google Analytics and Tag Manager, we monitor the most important goals and events on the site, how visitors progress through the conversion funnel, track how the brand is performing in search results, and analyze performance of ad campaigns.  The data allows us to gain helpful insight into how visitors are arriving at and using the site, and we can then work to execute against the lessons learned to help the site and digital marketing efforts continue to get better.

Asuragen is built on WordPress with an intuitive setup that makes it easy for their team to add, edit, and manage site content.  The flexibility of the platfrom has allowed the company to continue scaling the site and building out new sections, while tapping NMC for more advanced new custom features.

The site and partnership continue to grow years after launch, helping this important company bring their message to the millions who can benefit from their work.