IntraHealth is an international non-profit that has worked in more than 100 countries, partnering with local communities to make sure health workers are present where they're most needed, ready for the job, connected to the technology they need, and safe to do their best work.  In 2018 alone, the organization reached 341,000 health workers around the world.

Their previous site had become cumbersome to navigate and the design did not properly emphasize the very human element to their work.  IntraHealth came to NMC to help them design a new website and digital visual language to better portray their impact, create a streamlined information architecture to make it easier to access their 5,000+ pages, and build it on Drupal Content Management System in a manner that would make it easy to scale over time.  The partnership drove engagement, traffic, and signups on the site

Showing Impact Upfront

A primary goal of the new IntraHealth site was to put the organization's up front and center.  For the organization, impact can be measured both by the large scale of their work and also the individual outcomes.  The site works to highlight both of these things, by leveraging vivid imagery of health workers in the field to give visitors an understanding for the role IntraHealth (and donor dollars) make for individuals, and then highlighting big statistics with custom icons to call attention to the broad scope of the work done by IntraHealth across the globe.

The site also works to establish the legitimacy and authority required to operate at such a scale and be trusted with the safety of hundreds of thousands of people.  IntraHealth doesn't do surface level - they go deep.  The site has thousands of pages, organized into clear sections and hierarchies, letting people dive into topics, regions, intiatives, insights, and best practices.  The site was organized in a way that made this content easy to engage with and go as deep as desired while not making a visitor feel overwhelmed or lost.

NMC worked closely with the organization to understand its key goals, what content they wanted to prioritize for visitors, and the emotions they wanted the site to evoke.  That foundation was essential to collaborating to build an attractive and approachable site for such a large organization.

IntraHealth wanted the site built on Drupal CMS, due to the team's familiarity with it and its ability to connect to third-party platforms they were using around data collection.  NMC has extensive Drupal experience, including with other non-profit website designs, and was excited to take the custom designs and theme onto Drupal in a way that allowed IntraHealth to easily manage and grow the site.

Interactive Map

To demonstrate IntraHealth's impact around the world, NMC built an interactive map connected to their content database to highlight different areas they work and drive people to specific country pages.  The design is a visual way to demonstrate the reach of the organization and also a very functional tool to help visitors quickly reach their desired country content.


Mega Menus to Help Users Quickly Navigate

With the amount of content on the IntraHealth site, mega menus (wide dropdowns that span the page) were a natural fit to help visitors quickly get an idea of all the content available and go to their desired page.  Mega menus can become visually cluttered, so NMC worked to keep the appearance clean with a clear visual hierarchy and a featured image and description accompany each navigation set.

Country Hubs

Many of IntraHealth's visitors are interested in the work done in specific countries or practice areas.  So, NMC designed Hub pages that cleanly display all of the information related to a specific country or practice area on a single page.  All of the information is powered by Drupal's tagging.  These pages allow IntraHealth to provide targeted and curated information, giving visitors the ability to quickly get an idea of the activity in a specific country and to dive deeper if they want.

Built to Last

In addition to the primary IntraHealth site, NMC continued the partnership and helped the organization with a microsite to promote additional initiatives.  With their internal technical capabilities and team, IntraHealth hosts the site and their development team has been able to manage and grow the site, building on top of the flexible NMC platform.  The site continues to grow and engage stakeholders.