Josh Stein for N.C. Attorney General

Josh Stein was an accomplished attorney and North Carolina State Senator when the state's longtime serving Attorney General ran for Governor.  Josh entered the race in a very competitive national landscape in 2016 and partnered with NMC to help him lead his digital campaign and web efforts. 

We worked closely with him to update his logo, design a new attorney general campaign website, and help support the campaign's social media, email, digital ads, and online fundraising efforts.  The result was a victory in a difficult year for Dems in a state that went red nationally and in many other statewide races.

Introducing Josh Across the State

Josh grew up in North Carolina, practiced law here, and had served in the state senate.  But those activities had largely been in the central region of the state, and his name recognition was low in the east and west, critical areas for any statewide effort in North Carolina.

A goal of the new campaign website was to introduce Josh to voters across the state, making them aware of his past public service and future plans.  The site prominent featured his priorities, a media grid of videos to show his latest content, and a dynamic feed of social media and news content.

The site had cleanly designed and highly visual priority pages that lay out details on Josh's past service and his priorities for the state going forward.

A Dynamic Presence

The site was built on a dynamic Content Management System with an extensible design language to allow the site to continue growing over time.  After the 2016 electionv victory, the site has remained as a tool to communicate with voters and is being used as the campaign's digital presence for 2020.  Due to the flexible technical infrastructure, new design and detail can be layered on top of the current content database, allowing the campaign to continue to visually evolve and embrace the latest political web design trends.

As the campaign continues to grow and evolve, the website and digital presence remain a cornerstone in efforts to engage voters and supporters across the state.