Moishe House

Building and Inspiring Jewish Communities Around the World

Moishe House is a global network, providing space and community for over 60,000 young adults around the world.  In just 11 years, the organization has grown its network to span more than 27 countries, reaching more than 60,000 young adults each year.  The houses organize and promote programming, community, friendship, education, and more.  The organization has become a cornerstone of many young, Jewish communities around the world.

The organization sought us out due to our past work in non-profit website design and experience bringing real-life networks to the web.  We worked closely with Moishe House to create a dynamic and vibrant website that echoed the liveliness of their mission and community members, while also clearly portraying the impact they have now and into the future.

Localizing a Global Effort

While Moishe House operates across the world, and its important to promote that reach and impact, it's also essential to highlight the local houses to give visitors an idea of what their experience will be like.  The site strikes this balance by promoting the farreaching impact of the group upfront, by highlighting stats, global initiatives, and videos, while also making it easy for visitors to reach a searchable map to discover a House near them.  Each House has their own section of the site, focused on promoting their own events, messages, residents, and more, giving the site the ability to serve as a hub of local information for visitors and search engines, without sacrificing promoting their scale and scope.

Growing With Moishe House

Since partnering together, the organization has continued its expansion, operating more houses across the world and expanding its community.  The website has played a key role in that growth by educating visitors and prospects on the reach of the organization and the expected experience at different houses. 

Moishe House has been able to leverage the web presence and its flexible WordPress CMS setup to scale the information on the site, promote new initiatives, and continue publishing engaging content.  We have also continued to partner with Moishe House on a number of additional new development pieces to augment the site and tools for residents.  The site established a strong foundation that Moishe House could manage and grow, and we partner together on new priority, custom elements that will make the most impact for stakeholders.