Young Moore Law

Positioning a Leading Law Firm

Young Moore has a long history of serving clients for more than one hundred years.  While the firm does work around the country, it remains heavily focused on and associated with North Carolina.

They entrusted NMC to reenvision their storied firm’s positioning with a new logo, visual identity, tagline, and website.  The result was a vibrant and engaging logo, modern and unique law firm website design, extensible and beautiful visual language, and scalable and intuitive technology.

Another Problem Solved

NMC led Young Moore through a detailed discovery process to get a deep understanding of the firm’s position in the market, target audience, marketing goals, desired aesthetic, and more. It became clear that Young Moore are experts in unburdening clients of stressful situations and taking care of business. They specialize in solving problems.

After presenting and iterating on options, the tagline “Another Problem Solved” was a clear winner and a mark that turned their M into a check mark sealed the deal. We worked with them to extend the new tagline and mark to a full visual language around fonts, color pallette, business cards, stationery, and more.

Bringing the Brand to the Web

After completing the branding and positioning work with the firm, NMC worked with them to bring their new identity to the web.  The firm wanted the website’s tone to match the modern and vibrant style of the visual language, while also leaning into their positioning as a firm focused on North Carolina.

The homepage of the new site uses ambient video to immediately engage visitors and provide a modern experience, highlighting scenes from across North Carolina to reinforce the firm’s focus and also highlighting the new tagline and logo.  The site features quality images throughout to bring content to life, whether pairing each practice area with an image or using them to distinguish blog content.

The site carries forward the new visual language with the bright colors, hard edges, and modern fonts to create a truly beautiful and unique digital experience.  Compared to the industry, this site does not feel like a traditional law firm website, which is exactly what Young Moore wanted. Read about other characteristics of modern law firm websites in out blog post: Twelve Common Features of a Modern Law Firm Website.

The site is built on a custom WordPress installation, setup to load quickly, be accessible, and have search engine best practices baked in.  The Content Management System makes it easy for the firm to manage and scale the site over time.

An Ongoing Partnership

Since the launch of the site, NMC and Young Moore have continued to work together on additional digital efforts for the firm, primarily helping them devise and execute a search engine optimization strategy.  The SEO work focuses on creating landing pages for priority pillar pages on the site that are focused on converting visitors and supported with additional content .  From the initial branding work through the website build and continuing with the ongoing SEO and content strategy, the site is a successful example of helping a firm reposition themselves, engage and impress their target, and attracting new prospective clients.