Brian Turner for State Representative

Brian Turner came to NMC looking for a modern and impressive state representative campaign website for his upcoming election.  NMC works with campaigns of all sizes and was excited to put our experience to work for him on a more local level.  The site is very visual with images of Brian and his family, custom iconography, textures, and more to give it a very custom and inviting feel.

Giving Voters Quick and Essential Information

A hallmark of Brian and his efforts in the state house is his constituent outreach and how in touch he is with the voters of Western North Carolina.  We wanted that theme to come through in the site design.  The site prioritizes photos of Brian and his family to give a personal, connected feel, and many content focal points are devoted to giving constiuents valuable information. 

The Latest News & Updates features is largely built around providing voters with information that matters to their lives and their region, and how Brian has been working on their behalf on these issues.  Additionally, the campaign has an active email program to keep voters up to date on what's happeing at the state house, and the site focuses on earning signups through a splash popup for first-time visitors, featured signup banner, and signup in the footer.  Providing clear paths to signup not only increases registrations, but also quickly connotes to voters that Brian is dedicated to keeping them in the loop.  The site even features a Wildlife calendar, which is an important to his district, in the main navigation to help the site serve as a functional tool to constiuents.

All of the elements are designed to be very modern with clean design and visual elements to help them stand out and push vistors to learn a bit more.

Growing with the Campaign

It was essential to the campaign that the website was setup in a manner that could easily grow with them over time as their initiatives and outreach expand.  The site was built on WordPress Content Management System to give the small team easy control over all the content and ability to grow the site over time.  The new site has been a standout and help position Brian as not only a leader for Western North Carolina, but for the whole state.