Trees Atlanta

Branding an Icon in Local Conservation

Trees Atlanta has a national reputation for their conservation efforts in one of America's most diverse and quickly growing metros.  The organization was founded over 30 years ago and has since planted more than 130,000 trees in an effort to protect the city's canopy.

With that rich history, Trees Atlanta trusted NMC to do the first rebranding project in the organization's history.  NMC initially worked with the group to design a new logo and visual language, and were then tagged to extend that to a new digital presence.  The result of the collaboration was new and unique logo and an attractive new website that seamlessly hooks into their Salesforce volunteer system.

Crafting a Uniquely Inviting Logo

The logo redesign represented Trees Atlanta’s first logo in more than 30 years, and they really wanted to make it stand out. They empowered NMC to come up with a variety of options ranging from conservative to progressive new looks. The mark that resonated the most with the group was a departure from their previous wordmark, embracing custom iconography and a new, modern font. They loved the unique look of the mark and our team did, too. We iterated through the logo, decided on a final winner, and extended it to a full visual language for the organization.

Attracting and Engaging Volunteers

The site plays off the logo with warm, inviting colors and design elements to draw visitors into the site and engage with them on their own terms.  Trees Atlanta is very focused on action and have a number of stakeholder groups, so the homepage levearages audience-driven design by prominently displaying different stakeholder actions and letting visitors quickly choose their own path.  This approach lets visitors to the homepage quickly navigate to the content most relevant to them, increasing their likelihood of converting and taking the next step.

Throughout the site, images show volunteers in action, interactive effects draw attention to different areas of content, custom graphics illustrate key intiaitives, and more to help make the site not only attractive but also functional.  The design elements help distinguish the content and call attention to the most important pieces on the page.

Seamless Technology Integrations

The site is managed on WordPress Content Management System, a favorite of NMC's for non-profit website designs due to its intuitiveness, flexibility, and scalability.  The CMS is setup with different content blocks to allow the organization to easily build out custom templates and use different features as they want.  This power makes it easy for Trees Atlanta to truly customize individual pages and sections to best fit their content.

Additionally, Trees Atlanta uses Salesforce as their volunteer and event management system, making it critical that the site connect with the platform.  NMC leveraged Salesforce APIs to dump signup data from the site straight into the Salesforce database and pull events out of Salesforce and display them on the site.  The events can even be filtered based on their Salesforce categorization and registered for, providing a consistent experience for visitors on the site.

From Soup to Nuts

NMC began its partnership with Trees Atlanta to help a storied, local brand reinvent themselves with a new logo and visual language.  It was a fun and rewarding partnership, only to be made moreso when the organization came back to NMC to extend that visual language to the web by designing and building an attractive and powerful digital presence for the organization.