Feeding America: Hunger + Health

Launching a New Initiative for Feeding America

Feeding America is one of the most established non-profit brands in the country, partnering with more than 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs.  The organization was launching a new initiative to educate and engage their audience on the intersections of food insecurity, nutrition, and health.  The new effort was meant to be a standalone and substantial resource, so they wanted to create an independent brand and web presence for it.

Feeding America turned to NMC to partner with them in coming up with a name, brand, visual language, and nonprofit website design for the effort with the goal of providing a robust and interactive experience for visitors to access resources, recipes, opportunities, and more.

A New Brand in the Family

Feeding America has a small family of subbrands for large scale initiatives that they want to stand on their own.  This new effort, previously known as the Healthy Food Bank Hub, represented the newest brand to join the family.  First, they needed a name that was a bit catchier and could convey the authority of the initiative.  During an all day brand discovery session at Feeding America HQ, the name that everyone kept coming back to was simple, yet powerful: Hunger + Health. 

It quickly conveyed what the initiative was trying to address, beating hunger while advancing health, it rolled off the tongue, and projected the legitimacy a subbrand of Feeding America deserved.  NMC then went to work to fold the brand into the FA family by following existing subbrand guidelines while also establishing a unique moodboard and visual identity for the new project.  The goal of the new brand and website was to be powerful and vibrant in its imagery, colors, and functionality.

An Engaging & Rich Resource

The purpose of the new effort was to create a central location for professionals to be able to access and share quality information, tools, and resources around food insecurity.  These pieces of content were previously strewn across multiple sites and partners, and often times were hard to find and not attractive.  Hunger + Health wanted to fix that by not only centralizing them on the site, but making them appealing, and providing a powerful search tool to reach desired content.

The new site features bright colors and rich imagery to draw visitors in and bring these resources to life, encouraging visitors to click and explore the site.  The content is also organized by different topics, giving visitors the ability to quickly reach feeds dedicated to their interests.  A "Discover" tool on the homepage offers a live search that lets a visitors choose their audience group, preferred resource type, and desired topic, instantly filtering the results to their selection.  It's a novel approach to search, encouraging visitors to interact with it.

Interior pages feature more robust search options that let visitors narrow results to specific queries based on categories and keyword searches.  The content is also brought to life with the imagery and vivid design details to help it stand out.  Recipes are specially coded for Google to index them and rank them highly, and there are calls to action on each page to push visitors to submit their own content and resources, rate recipes, and more.

The site is built on WordPress Content Management System and makes it easy for Hunger + Health administrators to add and customize new content.  Submissions go directly to administrators where they can review and approve them for publishing on the site.  Since launch, the Hunger + Health has been able to substantially scale the website with new submissions, feeds of content, and search options.

Built to Last

With Feeding America's internal technical capacity, NMC handed off the completed WordPress build to their internal team for them to host and maintain going forward.  Due to the standards-based development and intuitive setup, the team has been able to manage and scale the site internally.  Additionally, NMC has worked with the group on additional projects since launch to continue supporting the brand and site.  The strong foundation for the brand and website were built to last.