Val Demings for Congress

Val Demings was previously Orlando's Police Chief and decided to run for Congress to continue her public service to the area.  She partnered with NMC on her congressional campaign website, wanting to emphasize her history in service and leadership.

Val was able to distinguish herself in the race, won a major victory, and has used the site for subsequent reelection campaigns.

Proven Leadership

Val had an established track record of serving the people in her district, and it was essential that the site made that known and educated people on her story.  The site leaned into the them of proven leadership, not only by using it as the site tagline, but also reinforcing it through design elements by featuring peer testimonials, highlighting elected official endorsements, and featuring her own story in text and video.

The site worked to give voters not just a clear view of Val and where she came from, but also put that in the perspective of how her life's work had been working with people and leading important efforts.

Growing with the Campaign

The site was built with a scalable Content Management System that allows the campaign to add new content features and blocks to grow efforts over time.  This approach empowered the campaign to add new features to the site and scale their content efforts as the initial campaign heated up and subsequent reelection efforts took root.

The site has been able to grow with the campaign over time and continue telling Val's story to voters, now contextualizing it to how she has been a proven leader in Congress.