Tom O'Halleran for Congress

Tom O'Halleran had served in the Arizona legislature for years before deciding to run for Congress.  He was running in a district that historically voted for Republican Presidents, including Trump carrying the district.  His race was a priority for Democrats across the country, including the DCCC, with whom NMC frequently partners on priority races.

The campaign came to us in need of a congressional campaign website that quickly conveyed his history to voters, outlined the priorities he stood for in this swing district, and moved voters to take action.  They came to NMC and we were proud to help him win this competitive race.

Educating Voters on Tom & What He Stands For

A focus of the site was quickly educating voters on Tom, his service to Arizona, and his vision for the future.  The site featured a splash video that played on someone's first visit to the site, giving a quick biographical voerview while also pushing them to donate or volunteer.  Along with that feature video, the focus of the top portion of the page was giving quick background on Tom by having different descriptions slide in with his name -- e.g., Tom O'Halleran: Police Officer, Small Businessman, Public Servant.  The effect let voters immediately get a high level of the candidate before diving in.

Also featured on the homepage was an overview of his five priority issues with a custom icon and blurb about each.  Clicking on each icon drove visitors to a landing page devoted to giving deeper content about Tom's vision, but the quick icon approach again allowed even casual visitors to get an understanding of who he is.

Built for the Longterm

The site is built on a Content Management System that makes it easy for the campaign to add, edit, and manage content on the site.  Additionally, the site connects directly with the campaign's NGP account to make sure that all data is stored and organized in a central place.  With the site's strong design and technical foundation, the campaign was able to use it for their next race without any substantial changes or cost. 

The site has continued to grow with the campaign and Tom's efforts to keep moving Arizona forward.