Xochitl Torres Small for Congress

Xochitl Torres Small was a first-time candidate working to turn a red congressional district to blue in New Mexico.  NMC worked with her campaign to design a modern, scalable, and action-focused congressional campaign website to help educate, engage, and excite voters.  The site was designed to embrace the theme's of the campaign and nod to the heritage of the state.

In what ended up being an extremely close election and the last race congressional race to name a winner, Xochitl was successful in winning the seat and going to DC to represent New Mexico values.

Embracing Her Roots & Engaging Voters

Xochitl was born and raised in New Mexico, and she had devoted her life to advocating for New Mexicans through public service and her work as a water attorney.  It was important that her new site quickly connote her deep roots in Southern New Mexico and how she would fight for voters.

The color scheme, textures, and design elements of the campaign site were consistent with the birght colors of the logo and imagery across New Mexico.  The site had a distinctly New Mexican feel, allowing visitors to immediately connect with Xochitl as a candidate who shares their roots.  The site also has a popup video that automatically plays for new visitors and photo-rich About page to help give visitors a deeper understanding of Xochitl as a person.  A Spanish translation also allows visitors to engage with the site in their own language.

The site also needed to quickly move folks up the ladder of engagement to become supporters of the campaign.  The primary feature of the homepage is a signup to quickly get visitors into the campaign's NGP email database, which the site automatically connects with.  

Growing the Site

The site is built on WordPress Content Management System, which allowed the campaign to easily grow and scale the site as they needed to post breaking news, new ads, issue statements, and more.  The ability of the site to move at the speed of the campaign allowed the team to stay in control of their message and disseminate valuable information to voters.  

The site continues to be a valuable engagement and data gathering tool as the campaign gears up for its reelection efforts.