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Effective Design

Web design means two things in practice: how your site works and the personality it conveys. Is it easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for? Do they have easy access to everything you want them to do, such as buy a product or register for a newsletter? Moreover, is it easy for your team to manage? The easier it is for them and you to use, the better the outcome. That's what makes design effective, not just pretty.

Our award-winning team asks all these questions and more when approaching the visual style that best reflects your organization’s message and personality. Each design starts with our Creative Brief, refined over many years, which outlines whom you admire online, ranks your core audiences, details your major conversion points, and describes the overall tone. For many projects, wireframe sketches also help us to identify the important information that needs to be on each page ahead of time so that we have a solid foundation from which our team will design to bring your vision to life.

Any designer must be familiar with the medium: screens are not just electronic versions of paper sheets. Since our designers all have experience as web developers, it enables them not only to anticipate how their designs will function on the web — and consider how special effects or techniques will improve user delight — but also how the experience should scale to different device sizes. Design that works as well for the viewer on a mobile phone as on a laptop is a smart way to show your visitor you care about her experience.

Effective design is more than great typography, engaging photos, subtle textures & drop shadows; it's about how well your site helps a visitor find the information she’s looking for. That’s what makes NMC designs so effective: check out our portfolio for more examples or get in touch today and see for yourself.