Southlight Healthcare

Creating an Engaging Site for a Local Healthcare Provider

For more than 50 years, Southlight has provided innovative care and services to individuals living with addiction and mental illness in NC’s Triangle region. The nonprofit approaches their work with a holistic view by offering a variety of support programs and resources in addition to clinical treatment.

In order to showcase the full scope of their offerings, Southlight came to us to rethink their nonprofit website design with an eye towards digital health best practices – a space that has quickly developed over the past few years. Health websites are nuanced in that they must make a great first impression while simultaneously highlighting the organization’s experience, treatment philosophy, services, and patient onboarding process. Working closely with the Southlight team, we brought all of these elements together into an engaging site that appeals to existing and prospective clients alike.

An Information-Packed Design

As a whole, the site’s design is approachable and friendly. The homepage sets the tone with an ambient video masthead, cheerful rounded images, and an icon-driven block that outlines Southlight’s impact. From the homepage, prominent calls-to-action and a clear set of nav options guide users towards interior pages and specific information about services.

Like the homepage, interior layouts are welcoming and informative. Users will notice helpful details like feature boxes for key information, client testimonials, and buttons that link to forms and related resources. In addition to detailed pages for each service or program, the site also includes a regularly updated Blog, an FAQ center, and a series of video tours of Southlight’s various office locations.

An Intuitive User-Experience

The site prioritizes user-experience in a number of ways. One of the most notable examples is the nav bar at the top of the screen. The nav includes a primary area for top level items and dropdowns, a CTA button to donate, and a utility bar for additional options like site search, social icons, and Southlight’s contact information. The nav is also sticky, which means that it stays at the top of the screen as users scroll down the page. This is a great way to ensure that users always have access to the main menu.

Other user-oriented features are an embedded new client form and map windows for each location.

A Scalable Online Presence

With a flexible WordPress content management system, the site is primed to scale smoothly over time. Beyond straightforward copy edits and image swaps, Southlight’s team is able to use a series of custom-designed blocks to enrich existing pages and create entirely new layouts that maintain the bespoke feel of the site. We’re excited to see how they grow their digital presence in the future!