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September 3, 2009

jQuery Guides

These are posts we have written that give information and advice on general approaches to take when working with jQuery.

jquery calendar Building a jQuery Calendar for The Salvation Army

This post covers a project we did with a design partner -- building a nice looking calendar that showed the upcoming events for the Wake County Salvation Army.  The events are categorized and filterable.  This has the HTML/CSS/jQuery requred to build the calendar.

How to write a jQuery Plugin

Why you should write mini-plugins in your projects

Create a jQuery calendar with AJAX, PHP, and a remote data source

Highlighting Raleigh with a jQuery microsite

jQuery Plugins

Whenever we do a project that requires a cool jQuery effect -- we are sure to write a plugin for it.  Here is a list of the plugins we have released and you can use on your site today!

jquery map A Plugin for a Well-Designed jQuery Map

This post has been one of our most popular. We build this map with a design partner to highlight Marine Science locations across North Carolina using a highly stylized map. We have since developed this into a reusable jquery map plugin.

jquery portfolio jQuery Portfolio Plugin that is Interactive and Filterable

We have clients that fall into a number of different categories so we wanted to build a cool portfolio that reflected that. We categorized our clients and then built a slick jquery plugin that allowed them to be filtered on the fly. This is a great resource for designers to showcase their work.

A jQuery Plugin for Easy Image Captions

CSS Sprites2 Refactored: Building an Unobtrusive jQuery Plugin

A Plugin for Expandable Code Areas

Select Multiple Checkboxes Easily

Add a Konami Code Easter Egg to your Site

CSS/HTML Techniques

CSS3 Techniques Websites like Wine: CSS Techniques to make a site Better With Age

There are CSS3 techniques you can use today that will degrade nice in older browsers. If you put them into place, your site will look better and better as more visitors begin using modern browsers. This post is a summary of the best techniques.

Lazy Development: Using Templates to Save Time

HTML Forms: The Right Ways

Nicer Navigation with CSS Transitions

HTML 5: Should we be excited yet?

Move your Script Tags to Quickly Improve Site Performance

Server-Side Development

Bing API How to use Bing's Powerful Search APIs

Bing!'s search API can provide search results programmatically as XML or JSON. Search results are fetched from various sources, including the Web, Images, News, Encarta Online, Phonebook, RelatedSearch, and Advertisements. This is a powerful resource that Google doesn't make available.

Dynamic Image Resizing with a Smarty Plugin

Unacceptable Browser HTTP Accept Headers

Launch of Recess: a Restful PHP Framework

Create a jQuery calendar with AJAX, PHP, and a remote data source

Software Engineering

Virtualization Virtualization and the Throw-away Computer

A virtual machine is, as the name implies, a full-blown emulated computer that runs "sandboxed" on your desktop. Virtual machines allow Mac users to enjoy Windows from within OSX, they allow Linux to be run on Windows, and generally allow you to run virtual computers with whatever operating system you please.

Stop Being an Automaton and be a Programmer

Map / Reduce in PHP & Scheme

Programming Languages Continue to Innovate

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