Launch of New PHP Framework, Recess!

December 29, 2008

We are very proud to announce that one of New Media's founding partners, Kris Jordan, has completed and launched a new PHP framework named Recess!  Kris has spent the past few months, much of it from the NMC office, developing the framework and preparing it for launch.  As a gift to PHP developers everywhere, Kris released the framework on Christmas.

Recess succeeds where other PHP frameworks have failed.  Just about all other PHP frameworks have fallen behind, especially in the department of RESTful development -- Kris developed the framework with these shortcomings in mind.  He took inspiration from what Ruby on Rails and Django get right, what PHP5 allows, and what has been left out of other PHP frameworks.

The team at NMC has high hopes for the framework and is dedicated to helping it succeed.  Our team of developers plans on rewriting our Content Management Software in the Recess framework, and we've already developed a couple of custom applications in the framework while we were beta testing it.

The development team at NMC is well versed in many different frameworks, and we have confidence that Recess outperforms them all and is well on its way to becoming a mainstay in the realm of PHP frameworks.

If you're looking for a powerful and modern PHP framework, I encourage you to register to preview Recess.  Congrats again to Kris on all of the work he put in and the success that he is already experiencing.

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