Jonathan Hungate Joins NMC Team

May 6, 2010
Development, Marketing

We’ve already had a busy start to the year here at NMC.  From launching several dozen new sites to wrapping up development on our new Content Management System, HiFi, we’ve been staying busy with exciting new projects and clients.  In order to accommodate this growth, facilitate new opportunities, and have someone else to join happy hour, we’re happy to announce a new addition to our team!

Jonathan Hungate has joined NMC to focus on Business Development and to also assist in managing select projects.  Jonathan is a graduate of NC State (shrinking the Tar Heels’ lead on our office scoreboard to 5-1-2) where he majored in Business Management.  Recently, Jonathan led marketing for Hutchison Law Group, the leading startup and VC law firm in the area.  One of Jonathan’s major projects while at Hutchinson was leading the practice’s efforts to design and launch a new firm website.

In addition to Hutchison, Jonathan has worked in a variety of capacities with dozens of other organizations to help them successfully launch new websites.  This means that Jonathan is already very familiar with the space and the process of launching a website, instantly giving our clients and prospects access to another web specialist.

Jonathan and his wife are due to have a son at the end of May, who we believe will be ready to start making websites before he can walk.  We’re really excited to welcome Jonathan to the team and hope you drop him a line by email or say hello in the comments.

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