Internet Marketing New Year's Resolutions

January 5, 2009

We all have resolutions for the new year, whether it's to save money or shed some extra pounds, the goal of a resolution is to always better ourselves in some way.  Companies also tend to make resolutions and goals for a new year with the same end result in sight of improving upon the previous year.

At NMC, we sat down a couple of weeks ago to etch out our resolutions and goals for the new year and many of them focused on how we market ourselves online.  I figured that I would share our Internet Marketing resolutions with everyone, thinking that they may also serve as a good model for your organization in the coming year as you move your marketing dollars move online in the tough economy.

  1. Blog, Blog, Blog - We really began posting with frequency around September of 2008.  In that time, we've been averaging around 4 posts per week.  That's a great starting number, as it makes sure we have fresh content nearly every day of the business week.  However, we'd really like to crank up the content generation in the coming year and multiply that by threefold to bring our total to 12 a week.  We plan on accomplishing this by having more of our team contribute and branching our blog into different mini-blogs relevant to specific audiences such as developers, political clients, small businesses, etc.  This is a bold goal, but we think we can accomplish it by working together and the benefits will be great for our SEO, content resources, and Blog subscriber count.
  2. Search Engine Optimization - In the past year, we've improved in many SEO rankings and our page rank has increased from a 4 to a 6 in just four months.  However, we want to continue optimizing for the terms for which we don't yet rank as high as we'd like.  One of our main focuses will be ranking highly for Raleigh web design and other geographic qualifiers that will help local businesses find us.  We plan on accomplishing this goal by continuing to build links within our blog posts, creating great content, winning mentions from outside sites, and submitting directories.  The fact that resolution #1 contributes directly to #2 is no accident and demonstrates the importance of a business blog.
  3. Rework Homepage Design - We're very keen on our website design, but would like to make some changes to the homepage to make it more functional.  Currently, we're dedicating a lot of valuable real estate to the image rotation and not saying so much about our firm, services, and philosophy.  We'd like to add some function to the homepage by adding more copy about who we are and what we do and also giving visitors the opportunity to quickly jump to the content that's most relevant to them.  Whether it's our Content Management System for designers or our political website portfolio, we want targeted niches to have quick access to the content that they want to see.

These are our top 3 Internet Marketing resolutions for the New Year.  They're all quite achievable and will greatly benefit our business.  As you can see, these are all very cost-efficient methods to grow our business and require nothing else but some good elbow grease from our team.

Did you set online marketing resolutions for your organization?  How are you going to achieve them?  Good luck to everyone with their resolutions and I encourage you to check back here frequently to hold us to ours!


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