The Benefits We Have Experienced From Our Company Blog

September 12, 2008

As you've noticed, we've been more diligent as of late in keeping our blog up to date with company and industry news and commentary.  We've been in the web design and marketing space for over two years now, and in that time, we've seen the popularity of business blogs skyrocket.  We've helped dozens of political,non-profit, and corporate clients build their own blogs and web strategy.  However, our company never had its own large blog presence.

Call us hypocrites, but we always had reservations about launching our own; we were well aware of the merits of a blog, but were just scared that it would get eschewed to the side, fall out of date, and reflect poorly on our company.  However, over the past two months, we've seen many tangible results from our blog and wanted to post them. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization - One of the most popular reasons to launch a Blog is for search engine optimization, and we've definitely seen great results in that arena.  As we've built up a healthy reserve of content on the Blog, we're able to cross-link to it throughout the site and through other blog posts.  This has positively influenced our rankings for a number of terms that we target.  Furthermore, each new post is another page for Google to spider and creates the opportunity for inbound links from outside sites and social networks.  Over the past month, we've seen a 15% increase in traffic; much of that traffic comes from Google searches, and many of those high Google rankings have been a direct result of blog posts and links.  Since, we're writing the content, those search terms are extremely relevant to our business, e.g., our post on the aspects of good web design drives many visitors to our site.
  2. Resource for Our Clients and Others - Recently, I was speaking with one of our new clients about a site that we're developing for their merchant services company.  They started discussing how they had originally wanted a Flash site; I began to list my reasons against a totally Flash-based site - before I could even finish my sentence, the client interrupted, "Oh no, don't worry.  We read your blog.  We know that we don't want Flash anymore."  It was very rewarding to know that our blog had served as a resource for a client, and we aim to keep posting articles relevant to our clients. 
  3. It's Fun and Increases Office Collaboration - One of the merits that doesn't get discussed that much by many business bloggers is that it's fun to have a blog in the office.  A dozen emails a week circulate the office with the subject line "Potential for Blog Article."  Everyone at New Media Campaigns has really bought into the idea of having a blog, and we're always on the lookout for good content to post that will be interesting and helpful to our visitors and clients.  As a side effect, that means we also are at least a little more likely to share articles with each other that are relevant to the industry - so, it has helped us as an office keep up to date, as well. 
We'd love to hear about your success stories from yourbusiness blog.  Also, we'd be excited to discuss in more details with you about how a blog could help your business.  We'll keep posting, and hopefully this list will grow from three reasons to ten within the next couple months.    


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