NMC Relaunches Raleigh Economic Development Website

August 27, 2012

New Media Campaigns is pleased to announce the successful relaunch of the Raleigh Economic Development website.  Originally developed in 2008 in collaboration with Liason Design, the website presented Raleigh as one of the best up-and-coming cities on the East Coast.  In order to keep the website fresh and up-to-date, NMC recently upgraded Raleigh Economic Development to the more powerful content management system, HiFi, and gave the already beautiful design a bit of face lift. 

Similar to the original design, the new look highlights every aspect of Raleigh, including the workforce, convenience, and entertainment the city provides.  Vibrant photographs of the city now fill out the entire background and the fun phrase from the web address, “Raleigh for you!,” is utilized as the heading to drum up excitement.  These fresh, cutting-edge design elements keep the look from going stale, which is crucial in order to truly represent the innovation of the city. In addition to the improvements, the new site hosts all of the original content. 

With the support of HiFi, the organization can frequently update their website and add new content with ease.  HiFi is more modern and user-friendly, offering more organization flexibility.  Raleigh Economic Development can now utilize HiFi’s many useful features, including a more intuitive form-builder, redirects CMS user interface, and multi-media galleries, to further enhance their site.

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