NMC Launches Ashe County Economic Development Website

May 29, 2013

New Media Campaigns recently launched a site for the Ashe County Economic Development initiative.  Ashe County Economic Development is aimed at promoting business of all sizes in the western North Carolina county.  The site’s main objective is to provide information to businesses that are in search of a location to establish themselves, whether they be large industrial factories or small, locally-owned foodstuff companies. The site was designed by Liaison Design Group, a partner of NMC that often collaborates for websites centered around economic development and local government.

The site’s features and tabs are focused on providing information that would be most appealing to its target audience: businesses owners in search of a new locale.  One of the first things visitors see on the site is a large feature photo highlighting one of Ashe County’s many appeals. The photos rotate through automatically, touting things like workforce training provided at a local college and the county being the largest producer of Christmas trees on the East Coast.

Ashe County Economic Development wanted to focus attention on their ideal central location and geographic impact in the eastern U.S.   This was done with a bright map that pinpoints Ashe County and acts as an anchor across all of the site’s tabs. Because more than 15% of Ashe County’s Economic Development web traffic is mobile, the site was built in a responsive manner so it may be accessed from multiple platforms with ease .

The site was designed with navigability and organization in mind. Multiple-layered drop down menus allow visitors to easily access deeper content with one click.  Quicklinks throughout the site allow visitors to see the exact information they’re looking for. In addition to a classic ‘Contact Us’ tab, a connect “action center” was added so visitors can directly reach out to Ashe County through phone or email. 

Different testimonials appear in the sidebar each time the site is refreshed or a new tab is visited.  This adds a personal feel to the site and offers even more assurance to business-owners that Ashe County is the place they want to be.

NMC enjoyed working with Ashe County Economic Development and Liaison Design Group on this project and is confident that this site’s vivid design, wealth of information, and navigable layout will draw businesses to the flourishing county.

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