May 2022 Newsletter

May 19, 2022
MAY 2022

Outgrowing, Evolving, Rethinking: What’s Next for your Website?

In our industry, we’re always thinking about what’s next. Our processes are constantly evolving based on technical improvements, updates to our go-to tools, and design trends that shape what our clients perceive as new and exciting. We’re always looking for ways to do things better, whether that means rethinking how we collaborate (answer: virtually!) or redesigning portions of our own website. 

We’re comfortable with this dynamic of ongoing improvement, which makes us particularly excited to help our clients reimagine a website, logo, or entire visual identity. For EngenderHealth – a nonprofit global health organization – we were proud to guide a website overhaul that produced a modern new platform where they can continue to promote and grow their work.. 

Having been through several rebrands over the years, the team at EngenderHealth wasn’t opposed to big changes when it came to their website. We ran with that openness and designed a new look that features non-traditional layouts, an ultra-modern ribbon motif, and user-friendly features like an interactive map. Check out our case study to see everything else that went into the finished site.

Designing a Stand-Out Website for a Global Health Organization



Getting Started: Wondering how to get your project off to a productive start? We explain how to write a great website RFP that will (hopefully!) lead to a detailed proposal and a high quality working relationship. 

Making the Most of Your Site: From requesting donations to encouraging volunteer signups, nearly every website incorporates some type of call-to-action. This post includes CTA examples and best practices that will help you to seamlessly incorporate any ask into your website design. 


RTI Health Advance

Longtime client RTI International recently launched their very own in-house consulting firm – RTI Health Advance. Once they had the new brand in place, we worked together to create a distinctive web presence that contains information about the organization’s team and service offerings. The site features numerous interactive effects, detailed interior layouts, and custom graphics inspired by the firm’s strong visual style. 


SilverX offers cyber-security programs for individuals and organizations who are interested in expanding their knowledge about today’s digital issues. In order to streamline communication about this unique work, we partnered with SilverX to develop a logo and website that position the company as polished, high tech, and adaptable. 
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