August 2022 Newsletter

August 25, 2022

Your Website as a Storytelling Device 

If you’re like most people, you probably think of your website as a sales tool, or a marketing hub, or a means for attracting and activating volunteers. Your website can be all of those things, but ultimately, it’s also telling your organization’s story. 

Your story is more than just a blurb about your founder. It’s the “why” behind your work – your mission, values, motivations, and overarching goals. All of this can be conveyed through content snippets or even design choices and imagery, or it could be spelled out more intentionally on a dedicated About page. 

The strongest About pages include images, graphics, videos, and anything that will deepen a user’s understanding of your story. For a particularly dynamic approach, consider a timeline. This month we’ve gathered examples of website timelines that use a variety of strategies to organize information and engage readers. Read on for tips, inspiration, and things to consider before starting a timeline project for your website. 

Website Timeline Examples & Best Practices



🎟 Planning a big event? Events, conferences, and fundraisers are back! Whether you’re planning a multi-day conference or a casual community gathering, a custom event microsite can be a helpful tool for sharing details and promoting ticket sales. 

Refining your site’s dropdown menus: Sitemap planning always takes the spotlight – but what about the structure and design of the site’s dropdown menus? We’ve compiled examples of various dropdown styles to help inspire your next web project.   


Crossing the Line Podcast

Created by the expert storytellers at Population Media Center, Crossing the Line is a podcast that shares stories about the challenges encountered by individuals seeking abortions. The site is defined by the podcast’s unique key art, styled images, and layouts that allow users to quickly access resources and episodes. 

NAACP Diamond Anniversary Gala

Each year, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP holds a signature event to highlight their work in the community and raise money to support core initiatives. We wanted to support this important local group and donated design and development work for their 2020 and 2021 Freedom Fund Banquet; we were thrilled to partner again to create a pro bono microsite for their Diamond Anniversary Gala. The site includes custom typography, animated diamond graphics, and dedicated sections to showcase sponsors, history, related events, and hosts. 

Girl Security

Girl Security offers programs and mentoring for women, girls, and non-binary people who are interested in the national security field. Working with the nonprofit’s team, we designed a site to feature custom illustrations and flexible layouts that adapt to fit additional content, news posts, and training opportunities. 
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