WordPress is a flexible open source Content Management System that can handle sites varying in size from personal blogs to large businesses.  In our experience, small and medium size non-profits and businesses are the best fit for WordPress -- these size organizations can take advantage of WordPress features without overwhelming the system with the demands of a large organization, which can overwhelm the system's interface.

With each WordPress site we work on, our focus is to make it easy to use for an editor and quickly accessible across all device from a visitor's perspective.  Our team custom builds each WordPress site we work on, eliminating the need for any pre-existing themes and ensuring your site perfectly meets your organization's goals.

We have worked on WordPress projects for clients around the country.  Our extensive experience with the platform ensures that we can setup your site in a way that is easy to use now and to maintain in the future.  A core feature of WordPress is its ability to be easily extended through plugins, but too many plugins can make a site slow to load or hard to maintain.  Our team works hard to only use necessary plugins and builds other common features directly into the code, eliminating the need to have plugins for tasks.

The WordPress community is ever-evolving, and we pride ourselves on being a part of this vibrant network by contributing blog posts and code snippets to help other developers.  By working with our team on your next WordPress project, you'll be getting a custom, scalable site built in the most popular web platform in the world.  Get in touch to discover how we can help you with your next WordPress project.

Some of Our Work

A small sample of websites we've built for our clients.

Site Features

Online Donations

Encourage supporters to easily make credit card donations to your organization online.

Social Media

Encourage supporters to join your campaign on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Forms + Mailing Lists

Gather information on your visitors from custom forms mailing list sign-ups

Custom Design

Capture the essence of your mission and stand out from competitors with a custom design.

Online Video

Add clips from YouTube and other video sites or upload your own clips to enhance your message.

Email Accounts

Create email accounts for your team hosted at your domain.